August 27, 2009

Golf In The Olympics!

Should golf be included in the Olympics? Many people think there is no reason why it should not be there. It is definitely a favorite sporting event throughout the United States and around the world. If playing for gold seems to get you going, it may be time to start training for the Olympics. Golf seems to be an early favorite to be included in the 1026 Olympic Games.

Many of today's top professional golfers are in favor of the inclusion, including Tiger Woods who recently has spoken in favor of it. Another golfer, Colin Montgomerie has taken it so far as to speak with the International Olympic Committee about it. For many of these professionals, including Sergio Garcia, the only thing better than watching the Olympics would be actually playing in them.

The committee meets this week to determine if golf will be one of the 2, out of 7 sports proposed to make it into the 2016 Olympics. The others going up for the vote include baseball and softball, roller sports, squash and karate, but it is golf and rugby that are favored by most. An official vote will not happen until October 9th, when the full committee comes together.

One thing that seems to be helping the process along is that there is no major resistance to its inclusion. Even the PGA of America has officials who are endorsing its inclusion. As for where the game would be played…that has been unanswered as of yet as well. With championship courses around the world, it is understood that the world could be the sandbox of the Olympic Games when it comes to golf.

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