July 17, 2009

Is Hole In One Insurance Affordable?

With the economy the way it is, it can be incredibly difficult for anyone to make money, let alone the golf courses. One way to draw customers in is to use a contest such as a hole in one contest or a putting contest and offer a big prize to the person that achieves the goal you set. $10,000 for a difficult putt? How about $100,000 for hitting the hole in one during the competition, if this sounds good, but seems far too much out of your league, consider how US Hole In One Insurance can help out.

This form of insurance allows you to offer a grand prize like this but you do not have to worry about paying out for it. If someone does win the grand prize you offer, US Hole in One pays out on your behalf. You only have to pay a small fee for using the service.

How Much?

To obtain an accurate quote for the insurance, you do need to contact the company directly. Here is a look at what you can expect, though.

• $7500 Home Entertainment System as grand prize: for 100 players, costs $204.
• For $20,000 Smart Car as grand prize: For 72 players, costs $334.
• For a $50,000 cash grand prize: for 144 players, costs $1,256.

These costs assume that all players in the contest are amateurs and that they are playing on a 165-yard hole. Prices and stipulations do change, and there are many more pricing options to consider. For this reason, be sure to contact the company directly for the costs.

Still, as you can see, offering a contest like this can be one of the most affordable methods to draw in customers. Hole in One insurance may be just what you need.