June 26, 2009

United States Golf Register – The Official Hole In One Golf Register

A lot of people have gotten holes in one, but who records them all? Well, the United States Golf Register is responsible for this. Their website, www.usgolfregister.org, dubs them as being “nation's official historical registry of holes in one.” Furthermore, their mission is to document and archive holes in one, and to distinguish those who have achieved this extraordinary accomplishment. The US Golf Register, in its own words, is devoted to preserving history with each hole in one, and in recording the significance of the achievement as a historical record. What’s even better is that they do not charge any registration fees or dues.

This organization was founded in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1998. The United States Golf Register firmly believes that every hole in one should be registered because “a witnessed hole in one is a history making event!” Once you register “your hole in one is assigned an official registration number and is then recorded in the US Golf Register historic registry. US Golf Register forwards its archives to The USGA library annually.” Also, “past holes in one made within the United States and its territories are eligible for registration no matter the date.”

They also offer some interesting quick facts on holes in one. A gentleman by the name of Norman Manley has the most documented holes in one. According to the website he has made 59 aces, his first ace was in 1964, and in 1979 he made four holes in one. The longest hole in one was made on the 517 yard par 5 9th hole at the Green Valley Ranch Golf Club by Michael J. Crean of Denver, Colorado. The altitude had to of made that possible! Finally the oldest documented person to make a hole in one was Harold Stilson who was 101 years old at the time. He hit a 4 iron on the 108 yard 16th at Deerfield CC on May 16th 2001. A lot of golfers hit a short iron, let alone a 4 iron from this distance and still can’t hole it like Mr. Stilson did. However, what most golfers can do is tell their tournament director to use US Hole In One as we offer top quality tournament services. Visit our website www.holeinoneinsurance.com for more details.