May 29, 2009

Meditation for Better Golf!

Professional athletes are constantly trying to find ways to focus on their game and perform at their peak every moment of competition. Whether it’s a basketball player practicing foul shots all day, an offensive lineman lifting weights, or a golfer at the driving range. But outside issues can often cause athletes to lose focus, and golf is notorious for being a sport that if your head is not in the game, it will show through in your performance worse than any other. A golfer who is constantly worried about issues in his personal life will never be able to relax and completely focus on his game.

So how can the average golfer concentrate on their game and relax? No expensive training or energy drinks are required. All you need is a little quiet time to yourself, which is pretty easy to get if you are out on the golf course. Eastern practices of meditation often referred to as “Zen Meditations,” have been scientifically proven to assist in the development of skills that are key to playing better golf, primarily attention control and relaxed concentration. Tai Chi is also a good way to loosen up before a round of golf, helping a golfer to expel negative energy and thoughts and begin to prepare their mind for the task at hand. These methods are very easy to practice, as they focus on clearing your mind and breathing deeply. So the next time you put a drive into the water hazard, or take an accidental practice swing by missing your ball entirely, remember to take a step back, breath deeply, and most importantly, remember that its just a game. Who knows, the above techniques might just help you achieve that ultimate shot: the hole in one!