May 15, 2009

Can Anyone Hit a Hole In One?

Ever wonder who is hitting all these holes in one you hear about? Every story about a hole in one when told from the first person viewpoint will sound like a miraculous shot, and they are all special because they are all different. Any golfer can hit a hole in one at any time, but to give you an idea of who your “average” hole in one golfer is, here are some statistics regarding players who have hit a hole in one.

The average handicap of a golfer who hits a hole in one is a 13, but since many professionals have gotten a hole in one, that means many golfers with high handicaps in the 20’s and 30’s also have. 84% of golfers who hit a hole in one are male, which is a stat that is slowly changing as more and more women become involved in the sport. If you are concerned about the ball you are playing with, know that Titleist balls are the most common balls put in for an ace, with 3,433 holes in one recorded. That’s four times more often than the next closest competitors, Nike, Callaway, and Top Flight, each of which have about 800 registered holes in one. And although the average golfer who makes a hole in one is about 44 years old, Tiger Woods hit his first when he was only six years old, so no matter what your age, skill level, or length of time playing may be, know that you too have a chance at the best score possible on a golf hole.