October 30, 2008

Young Golfer Accomplishes Major Feat!

A hole in one is usually something a golfer works up for and it is believed to take time and practice to be able to conquer such an accomplishment of a hole in one. Most of the hole in one stories involve someone who has played the game for years or played in multiple tournament however we rarely hear of a kid getting a hole in one yet it really does happen! Yes, a little kid, not a 20 something young adult but an 8 year old boy from Seattle.

Garrett Spragins, landed a hole in one in a Northwest Junior Golf Tournament just last week. The 17th hole was 122 yards and he made the shot with his driver! His dad is also a golfer and needless to say was proud of his boy but could not help to be a little jealous that he still has not had a hole in one after 37 years of playing the game. Little Garrett Spragins beat the 12,000 to 1 odds of an average golfer to hit an ace and hopefully his dad will one day too!

Spragins surprisingly is not the youngest golfer to hit a hole in one. That title still belongs to Jake Paine from California who scored an ace when he was just 3 years old back in 2001. Better be on the look out for these kids to make it big and play on tour one day!