August 27, 2008

Some Interesting Golf Quotes!

This time US Hole In One will be hitting you with a list of our favorite quotes from the legends of the game and other individuals. Some of these quotes even extend out of the realm of golf in the way that they are life lessons.

Our first quote comes from the black knight himself, Gary Player. Instead of using the clichéd quote where he said that the more he practises the luckier he gets we will use a lesser known one. Gary Player once said that, “We create success or failure on the course primarily by our thoughts.” In life pessimism often leads to less than desirable outcomes. The power of positive thinking is immensely underrated and is an essential tool in overcoming all forms of adversity.

On the less philosophical side of things Jack Nicklaus clearly stated that, “Golf is a game of precision, not strength.” Long Drives help a lot but they are not everything. This is evident on today’ professional circuit which has long hitters like JB Holmes and Bubba Watson. They hit the ball a mile but they haven’t won any majors. Players like Justin Leonard and Corey Pavin who are shorter hitters have validated Jack’s point. Both have won majors.

For the beginners out there we ask you this question: Why do you think the pro tells you to keep your head down? Well Phyllis Diller, the entertainer, claims that “the reason the pro tells you to keep your head down is so you can't see him laughing,” but yet again he’s just an entertainer.

We conclude this segment of our blog with some wise words from Arnold Palmer. He urges us to “always make a total effort, even when the odds are against us.” Why? After all the chances of success in those situations seems to be zero. Well, he also said that “the most rewarding things we do in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done. US Hole In One believes this and we hope that this inspires you to go out and do great things!