August 05, 2008

Playing Par 3’s Effectively

Golf truly is an interesting game. In golf you can make a good swing and not end up with the desired results, especially on par 3s. Golf is fascinating in the way that the technical aspect of a golf swing is an important ingredient in playing well however without considering other factors, one’s technique is insufficient for success.

No matter how good our swing is we must size up other factors like the wind, the green’s receptiveness and any hazards that threaten our score. Take note that before we can examine these factors, we need to enter the shot with a clear mindset. This means that our thoughts and feelings are focused on the present and not on something like the short putt that we might have missed on the last hole.

Now that we are on the tee and thinking clearly we can start by examining the wind. Pluck some grass and toss it into the air. As we all know the direction in which it moves will indicate the wind’s direction and ultimately the club needed for that distance. This time we will imagine that the pin is on the right as well as an unwelcome lake!

The next step is one that many golfers fail to execute properly. Average golfers routinely fail to realize that some tee boxes actually align us in the wrong direction. US Hole in One and many instructors advise us to pick an intermediate target between our ball and our target. That way we can align ourselves correctly. Here our target would be left of the pin. Now we are ready to tee the ball.

In this case, for both a right and left-hander, it would help a lot if we teed it up on the left side of the tee box. That way if we push or pull the shot ever so slightly our ball will still be dry. By now we’ve thoroughly examined the shot at hand and all that remains is the execution of our master plan. As we approach the ball we should trust our swing and more importantly feel confident in our well-planned decision. Before we know it the ball is on its way just like we visualized it. We probably won’t get a hole in one but a par or even a birdie on any par 3 that is guarded by water is never a bad score. The goal of this strategy is to purge the big and unnecessary numbers that golfers make on intimidating par 3’s whether it’s a double bogey or worse. Nothing would make US Hole In One happier than to see everyone fulfill their golfing potential!