August 08, 2008

Hole In One's in the News!

Trust US Hole In One to keep you posted on the latest news in the hole in one world. A couple of days ago an eleven year old got his first ace in just his third time playing golf. He used a driver on a 150 yard par 3 on the Mundan Municipal Golf Course in North Dakota. He was playing with one of his buddies who also saw the ball go in the hole. Being as young and as innocent as they are they were completely oblivious to the significance of the sixth grader’s feat. According to the club pro he didn’t think they thought it was a big deal. He went on to say that it was impressive that the youngster was able to drive the ball to the green, even from the women's tee box. Kids these days!

Next on our radar is a 66 year old golfer who gives hope to all those who haven’t got a hole in one yet. About two week ago Bob Hickey was aceless up until he struck a seven iron into the hole on the 10th hole of a course in Gaylord Michigan. The story doesn’t even stop there. A couple of holes later he holed out on the 17th hole with an 8 iron. Talk about backing his prior success up. Nothing but a fluke? You tell us. With that he smashed the odds of getting two holes in one in the same round which are approximately 67 million to one according to US Hole In One. Piece of cake right.