March 26, 2008

Florida Husband and Wife Get Back to Back Aces…On the same hole!

Monday was a quite a good day for Cheryl and Bob Wheeler; they set out for a nice game of golf and it turned out to be a day of inconceivable odds. The wind was blowing against Bob as he stepped up to the 9th hole at Cranes Roost Golf Course, a 177 yard par-3. Due to the wind, he clubbed up to his 7 wood and let ‘er rip. He could feel it had been a great swing and saw the ball nearing the pin but could not see where it landed. His wife Cheryl teed up next at 130 yards and pulled her 5 iron, she too hit a great shot that headed straight for the pin. After their two other partners took their shots they all made their way to the green, with no sight of Bob or Cheryl’s balls they decided to check the cup. Low and behold there were two balls in there!! Bob and Cheryl had both hit a hole in one on the same hole.

The Wheelers probably are wishing they were playing in a golf tournament that had a hole in one prize on that hole! If they had been playing in a golf tournament that day that had hole in one prize coverage with US Hole In One they would have been even luckier. Many people think that hole in one insurance only covers the first hole in one but not at US Hole In One. In the case of the Wheelers they could have both been awarded the prize had there been one on that hole and the ladies tee was a tad longer. US Hole In One prize coverage includes coverage for multiple holes in one whether it be on the same par 3 or different par 3’s.