February 07, 2008

Pilates Can Better Your Golf Game?

So Pilates, in general, can help your flexibility in your golf game but you probably didn’t know that there are specific Pilates regimens designed to help better your game. There are clinics that take place at golf courses around the country to teach this very workout. Most clinics are 2-hours and cost about $250.

A very interesting fact about Pilates for golf is that the background on which your personal workout is designed is your golf swing! So get yourself positioned into your perfect stance and let ‘er rip! After this you will learn what you can work on to make your swing better. You will also be educated based on a “12-point swing biomechanics analysis.” This analysis focuses on your balance, flexibility, strength, alignment, and posture. Ultimately, your new Pilates workout will have you swinging like Tiger in no time! Maybe you’ll even get your very first hole in one!