February 01, 2008

A Hole In One for Tiger (x18)!!

We are often asked at US Hole In One, "How many holes in one does Tiger Woods have?" The answer is an astounding 18! A hole in one is golf's ultimate shot and one of the toughest feats in all of sports. Tiger, arguably the world's best golfer, has a total of 18 holes in one in his lifetime with 2 coming during his PGA career. Just how impressive is that? With the odds of a professional golfer hitting a hole in one at about 2,500 to 1 that means that Tiger would have had to play approximately 45,000 par-3 holes or 11,250 rounds (avereage course has 4 par 3s) in his life. That's a lot of golf!

The bottom line is that Tiger is not your average golfer (not even your average professional golfer). Based on those statistics and the fact that Tiger has many more years of golf in front of him it is safe to say that Tiger isn't done racking up the holes in one.