February 14, 2006

What makes a golfer a professional?

We've gotten many questions asking for a more detailed discussion regarding amateur status in golf. The distinction is important, after all, when setting up a hole in one contest, as customers are responsible for accurately portraying the makeup of their participants. As professional golfers are presumably more skilled, this skill typically translates into a different price for hole in one contest coverage.

According to the USGA, "an 'amateur golfer' is one who plays the game as a non-remunerative and non-profit-making sport and who does not receive remuneration for teaching golf or for other activities because of golf skill or reputation, except as provided in the Rules [of Golf]." Thus, just because a golfer does not compete on the PGA Tour does not mean that he or she cannot be a professional golfer. In fact, a vast majority of professional golfers are just instructors or players who teach the game for a living.

If you would like to read the full rules and regulations regarding amateur status in golf, we recommend that you visit the USGA's website on the subject:

Amateur Status United States Golf Association

In the end, most golfers are amateurs, and those who are not will typically tell you so, but be extra careful when applying for hole in one contest insurance because while the distinction may not seem important at the time, it is very important to the insurance company covering your event.