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It’s Never Too Late to Get Coverage!

Friday, May 13, 2016

The two questions that we hear at US Hole in One the most are “is it too late to get coverage?” and “how far in advance do I need to book my insurance?”  The process of securing your coverage begins with a price quote which you can receive online or if you contact one of our representatives.  We can even secure coverage that day!  There is no long waiting period for the insurance to go into effect, once US Hole In One receives your completed application we will issue insurance that very same day. At US Hole In One we want to make it as easy as possible for you. We can bind coverage at any point before the tournament, as long as the tournament has not started, we can get you covered!

We suggest that you give yourself time to plan the golf tournament and insurance so that you can take advantage of our hole in one prize package, which includes signage, bonus prizes, gift cards and more!  However, we have many clients that call us the morning of the tournament and ask for coverage.  This can be done with the hard copy of the application that your tournament consultant e-mails you or you can always purchase the insurance online on our website by filling out a price quote and then making the payment right then.  We ask that all applications get back to us 10 calendar days before the tournament so that there will be no charge for shipping and your signs can get to you safely before your tournament.  If you are within the 10 days we can still get you your signs in time, it would just be a $25 rush shipping fee and then if you’d like to overnight your signage it would be $50.  For those emergency situations where someone forgot to get insurance or your sponsor backs out last minute, it is best the fill out the online application, you will have coverage in minutes!


If you have any questions, please contact a US Hole in One representative at 888-882-5440 or e-mail us at  We’d be happy to help you out.

Witness Requirements For Your Golf Event

Friday, May 6, 2016

It is extremely important to make sure you meet witness requirements for your hole in one insurance, putting and shootout contest in order to guarantee a payout in the case of a winner. The requirements vary per contest, some more intense than the other due to a high element of risk involved with the hole in one insurance.  For the full witness requirements, you can see them on our terms and conditions when you receive a price quote and application from US Hole in One.

Hole In One Insurance Policy.  The requirements are broken down based on the prize value you are insuring.  Any prize under $60,000 only requires 1 person who is 18 years and older and not playing in the tournament to sit at the prize hole the entire time at the tournament.  For prize values between $60,000 to $150,000, two people are required as witnesses with the same restrictions as above.  Prize values from $150,000 to $1,000,000 need 2 non participants , one being a PGA pro or a police officer and 2 playing partners and it must be videotaped.  The bonus prizes do not need a designated witness sitting at the hole for the entire tournament, as long as the tournament will be played in threesomes or foursomes.  No video is required for hole in one policies UNLESS the value is $100,000 or above or if the tournament has less than 25 players and a prize value of $25,000 or greater.

Putting Insurance Policy. US Hole in One can insure putting contests up to $25,000.  All putting contests must be videotaped; this involves the measuring of the putts as well as the person or people taking the putt. For values $10,000 and under, just one additional person over the age of 18 is required to witness and 2 witnesses are required for any prize value over $10,000.

Shootout Insurance Policy.  Just like the putting contest, all shootout contests must be videotaped.  Most shootout contests involve a prize value of $100,000 or greater, due to the high value.  In addition to videotaping the contest, two witnesses must be present and one has to be a PGA pro or active police officer.


If you have any further questions about hole in one insurance please e-mail or give us a call at 888-882-5440.  We’d be happy to help you out!

How to Fill Out Your Hole In One Application

Friday, April 29, 2016

At US Hole in One, we try to make the process of purchasing hole in one insurance as simple and easy as possible.  Firstly a client can either call in or get an instant price quote online.  Our pricing is based upon the number of golfers, the yardage of the Par 3 and the price value of the grand prize.  Once a client provides us with all the necessary information, an e-mail will be sent to them with a price quote and a 1 page application that the client needs to complete.  Our hole in one application is broken down to seven sections.

Section 1: The first section requires your contact information as well as your company name.  The information in this section can be already filled in if you requested an online price quote or called one of our tournament consultants.  If the shipping address for the signage is different than your contact information, make sure to fill that in under the shipping information.

Section 2: This is where the golf course information as well as the event name is shown.  US Hole in One cannot provide insurance if this section is not completed.

Section 3: This is the most important section for our hole in one application.  In this section you must provide us with the date of your tournament, number of golfers (amateurs and professionals), hole number, yardage for the par 3, prize value and the certificate fee that you should have received with your price quote.  You must also verify if you’d like a sign for your grand prize hole and if you’d like a sponsor’s name on it as well.

Section 4: This is the additional bonus prize section where you indicate which package you’d like and how many prizes you will need for the other par 3’s that are on the course. The standard bonus prizes are included in your certificate fee, and just for $45, you can upgrade to premium bonus prizes that are higher in cash value.  We also include signs for your bonus prizes and you can customize all three of them with a sponsor name and or logo for just $30 extra!

Section 5: If you would like to purchase one of our putting and dice roll contests, this is the section where you would indicate which add-on contest you would like to get.  In addition to filling out this section, there is a separate 1 page application that we require you to fill out for the Add-On Contest.

Section 6: US Hole in One accepts a check or debit or credit card as payment.  In this section you indicate how you’d like to pay for your coverage by writing your credit card information or if by paying with check, we will e-mail you an invoice and you can mail the check to us.

Once you have completed your application, you can then fax (610-525-8004) or e-mail it to (  If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to give us a call at 888-882-5440 or e-mail us at . We look forward to working with you!

Additional Contest Options at Your Golf Tournament

Friday, April 22, 2016

Want to generate more buzz to your golf tournament?  A hole in one contest brings players to your tournament by giving them a chance to shoot for a hole in one and in that case, win a prize!  In addition to US Hole In One’s hole in one insurance, there are other contest that we can provide coverage for at your golf tournament!  This could be a great opportunity to raise some extra money for your company or organization and add excitement for the golfers.

At US Hole In One we offer putting, shootout and dice roll contests.  These contests give your golfers the option to enter for a chance to be picked as a lucky finalist for one of these contests.  You can pick the finalist by selling raffle tickets or eliminating the golfers as long as your follow the terms and conditions.  The putting contest is for the golfer(s) to sink a putt from 40, 50, or 60 feet for a designated amount of money from $2,500-$25,000.  A shootout contest is for a participant to shoot for a cash prize that’s from $100,000-$1,000,000!  The dice roll is when you select four lucky golfers to roll the dice, that we provide, and offer him/her to spell C-A-$-H for a designated amount of money.  For all contests, the participant(s) randomly selected get one attempt with no practice shots, or rolls, and the contest must be videotaped!  The putting and dice roll contests start at $75 and the shootout starts at $100.

If you would like more information on one of these contests for your golf tournament please e-mail us at or give us a call at 888-882-5440.  A US Hole in One Tournament Consultant would be more than happy to help you out.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Whats in the Fine Print? Hole In One Terms and Conditions

Friday, April 15, 2016

When you purchase hole in one insurance for the first time, it may be a little overwhelming. If there is a winner at your tournament you want to make sure nothing goes wrong and you follow all the rules! Once you bind your coverage with US Hole In One, you will be emailed a certificate of participation. Along with the certificate of participation, the terms and conditions will also be attached.  The terms and conditions are able to answer almost any question that you may have about the policy you just purchased.  These are a must read before your tournament!

The terms and conditions, in its entirety, is important, but there are a few areas of them that are very important and you will want to pay close attention to. The first of these areas is the witness requirements which are broken down by different prize values. Next is how to contact US Hole In One if you need to make a change to your original contract.  Maybe you need to change of date due to the weather, or the number of golfers for example. Also in the terms and conditions is how to contact US Hole In One if you have a winner.  The yardage requirements for both the grand prize and bonus prize holes for both men and women golfers can be also found in the terms and conditions, along with details regarding your target hole and bonus prize holes. Then there is US Hole In One’s policy on prize restoration, which is a must know!

The terms and conditions are different for hole in one contests, putting contests, and shootout contests, so you need to review the one that is specific to your particular contest. It is never a bad idea to have a copy of the terms and conditions with you on the course on the day of your golf tournament, that way you can always reassure yourself of all the rules!


If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions, please contact an US Hole In One tournament consultant by phone at 888-882-5440 or by email at

Hole in One Versus Shootout

Thursday, March 17, 2016

US Hole In One is a leading provider of hole in one insurance.  Hole in one insurance is for all golfers in the tournament to shoot for a hole in one on a par 3 and win a prize. US Hole in One also insures putting and shootout contests to add a little more excitement to your event. Many people are confused between a regular hole in one policy and a shootout policy.  Here are the answers to some of the top questions about Shootout Contests.

What is the difference between a Shootout Contest and a Hole In One Insurance?
– Despite many people’s assumptions there is a difference between a hole in one insurance contest and a shootout contest. A hole in one insurance contest is done during the course of play and involves all golfers in the tournament. A shootout, however, is done before or after the tournament and usually involves a larger prize for a selected finalist(s), normally the million dollar shot.

What is the pricing for a Shootout Contest?
– Shootout contests are priced per golfer and can insure a grand prize up to 1 million dollars.  You can choose to insure the million dollar prize by choosing a 40 year annuity, 20 year and 10 year plan if the shot is made.  Most people take the 40 year annuity since it is the least expensive and paid out over 40 years.

How do I select the person for a Shootout Contest?
– It does not matter how the contestant is picked.  Most tournament officials will select them at random; or you can also sell raffle tickets at the registration table then after the golfers are done playing select one name and have them take the shot. This is also a great way to fundraise for your event.


Where can I hold the Shootout Contest?
– Unlike the hole in one insurance contest the shootout does not have to be on a par 3 hole. You can use whatever hole is closest to the clubhouse for convenience and measure out the minimum distance of 165 yards from the cup.

What are the witness requirements?
– The shootout contest has to be videotaped. In addition to the video you will need two non-event participants to act as witnesses. One of these two has to be a PGA pro to a police officer.

For more information or to receive a quote on a Shootout Contest, you can email or call us at 888-882-5440! We’d be happy to help you out!

Additional Sponsor Signs For Your Golf Tournament

Friday, March 4, 2016


US Hole in One offers a wide variety of golf tournament event signage.  Not only do you receive free signage from purchasing hole in one insurance, we also offer additional event signage for sponsor signs. The additional signage can range from beverage cart and dinner sponsors to tee and hole sponsor signs and everything in between.  We have over a dozen of different sign options to pick from or we can work with you, one on one, to create the exact sign you need for your tournament.

US Hole In One has been producing full color, weather resistant event and sponsor signs.  If you need signs for additional hole in one sponsors, no matter how big or small your order is, we will have your order done in a professional and timely manner.  Here’s how to order event signs from US Hole in One!

1.)    Complete a sign order form and excel spreadsheet.  The sign order form included your contact information, number of signs and which templates you are ordering and size of the sign along with a few other details. The excel spreadsheet is the very important part of the order. This is where you indicate what you want printed on each sign. You will go through and choose the type the sign, size, specify what you want printed on each sign under sponsor name and indicate if there is going to be a logo for that sign. Signs can feature just text or text and logos or just a logo.

2.)    Submit the order form; excel spreadsheet and all logos via email ( to US Hole In One.  The logos MUST be of a high resolution; preferably 300dpi or higher. The most commonly used file formats are JPEG or EPS.

3.)    US Hole In One will confirm that they received your sign order once it has been reviewed. If they have any questions or if you are missing anything, the Art Department will be in contact with you. After everything is in place they will begin printing your signs and they will ship them out via FedEx for your required in hand date. Please keep in mind when ordering event signs that the deadline for all sign orders, to avoid the possible rush fees, is 10 calendar days before you need your order to arrive at the destination.

4.)    Now that you have the facts, are you ready to order event signs for an upcoming event or get a quote for your upcoming golf tournament? If so, give an US Hole In One tournament consultant a call at 888-882-5440 or email us at!

What’s included in my Hole In One Prize Package?

Friday, February 19, 2016

US Hole In One is here to help fulfill all your tournament insurance needs. When you give your golfers the chance to win awesome hole in one insurance prizes at a golf tournament they will be  excited to come back to your event year after year. US Hole In One can help you secure a hole in one insurance prize package which includes so much more than just hole in one coverage for your grand prize!

What is included in a hole in one insurance prize package?

  1. Hole in one coverage for a grand prize hole in one that you would like to offer on one of the par 3’s on the course.  The value of the grand prize, along with the number of golfers and yardage of the hole, is what determines the base cost of the package.
  2. Coverage for bonus hole prizes for additional par 3 holes on the course is also included. Bonus prizes allow each par 3 to be covered at your tournament. Therefore, not only does every golfer get the chance to win the grand prize with a hole in one, they also get more opportunities to win prizes on the other par 3’s on the course. There is an option for the standard bonus prize package which are FREE of charge to you or upgrade to the premium bonus prize package for a $45.00 additional fee.
  • Standard Prize Package
    • Sharp LCD Flat-Screen Television
    • Set of Irons (3-PW) from Callaway Golf
    • Domestic Roundtrip Plane Tickets for Two (2)
  • Premium Prize Package
    • Apple Entertainment Package
    • Callaway Woods (1,3 & 5) and Irons (3-PW)
    • $750 Visa Gift Card
  1. You will also get a sign for the grand prize hole and one for each of the bonus prize holes. Shipping on these are also free if US Hole In One receives your completed application at least ten days prior to your actual event.
  2. For each golfer that participates in your event, you will also receive a golf club certificate from Warrior Custom Golf. Each golfer will have their choice of a 60° Lob Wedge and/or a 19° Hybrid Golf Club. Each golfer is responsible for paying the shipping and handling for the club(s) that they choose.
  3. Also for every golfer, there will be a coupon for Golfsmith. This coupon is for $10 off a purchase of $30.  When you work with us we will send you a discount card for each golfer and you can simply hand those out or put them in your golfers goodie bags along with the golf club certificate.

Make sure to contact an US Hole In One tournament consultant at 888-882-5440 or to get your hole in one insurance! We can get you on your way to coverage and answer any questions! We look forward to hearing from you!

Pro Golfer Makes Putt For Student Tuition

Thursday, February 4, 2016

For those of you who follow golf and know pro golfer Stewart Cink, did you know on Tuesday February 2, 2016  he made a 94 foot putt and won a Georgia Tech student $25,000 tuition?  Cink made the putt on a basketball court using his Georgia Tech logo golf ball and vowed to use it from now on since it apparently makes it in the hole from 94 feet.  To watch the video of this exciting contest, please see link below.

Here at US Hole In One we offer putting contests as well as hole in one and shootout contests.  Our putting contests are available for 1 golfer to take a shot at either 40 feet or 50 feet for a certain amount of prize money ranging from $1,000-$25,000.  Putting contests are a great addition to your golf tournament since it adds excitement at the end of the day and can raise money for the charity or organization that is hosting the event.  If you wanted to do a putting contest like Stewart Cink just did and it’s not a part of a golf tournament, our sister company Interactive Promotions Group can provide pricing for special event putting contests.

However if it is a part of a golf tournament and you wanted to have a putting contest with a $25,000 grand prize, the pricing can be found below.

For 1 golfer, putting at 40 feet, for a $25,000 cash prize, the certificate fee would be $1,300.

For 1 golfer, putting at 50 feet, for a $25,000 cash prize, the certificate fee would be $925.


To get more information about our contests please email or call us at 888-882-5440 to speak with a representative about your upcoming golf tournament.  We look forward to working with you!

Fast Facts about Hole In One Insurance

Friday, January 29, 2016

Whether it is your first time purchasing golf insurance or you’re  renewing your coverage from previous years, we try to make obtaining hole in one insurance as easy as possible!  For our new clients, it can be overwhelming and a bit confusing when planning their golf tournament especially if he or she is not a regular golfer.  Here are a few answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get here at US Hole in One.

What is the minimum yardage for my grand prize hole?

The yardage for the grand prize hole must be at least 150 yards for the men and 135 yards for the ladies.  The ladies can always play up to 15 yards closer than the men’s tee’s on all par-3 holes.  If the prize value reaches $50,000, the minimum yardage then increases to 160 yards for men, 145 for women.  For grand prizes $100,000 and greater, the yardage MUST be at least 165 yards for men and 150 yards for ladies.

What if I do not know my exact number of golfers?

That’s okay! Any changes that occur after you send us your completed application need to be made in writing via e-mail or fax.  US Hole in One requires written notification prior to tee off on the morning of your event.  All changes must be e-mailed to or faxed to 888-603-8424.

What is included in my prize package?

  • The hole in one prize package includes bonus prizes for all of the other par-3’s on the course in addition to the grand prize hole in one.  The minimum yardage on those holes is 130 yards for the men and wherever you decide to place those tees the ladies can also play up to 15 yards closer.
  • You will receive a sign for the hole in one grand prize, which we will print a sponsor name on for you, the tournament name or you can email over to us a high resolution logo. Also, you will receive signs for the bonus hole in one prizes.
  • Complimentary gifts for every golfer in your tournament. The free golf clubs are from Warrior Golf.  Each golfer will have a choice of a wedge or a hybrid.  The clubs are valued at $200 and the golfers just have to pay the shipping fee if they choose to redeem the certificate.  The shipping on the wedge is $11.85 and for the hybrid it is $23.50. Each golfer will also receive a $10 off coupon from
  • FREE shipping as long as US Hole In One receives your application outside of 10 days of your tournament date.


If you have any questions please give our tournament consultants a call at 888-882-5440 or e-mail us at