Your Tournament With And Without Hole In One Insurance

Friday, November 23, 2018

You may be thinking there is a slim chance an amateur will get an ace, let alone on the one hole on your tournament offering a prize. So why get Hole In One Insurance? Well such odds work in your favor when considering Hole In One Insurance, as premiums from US Hole In One can start at as little as $180.

But this is just only a fraction of the benefits your tournament will have with insurance. To anyone who has thrown a tournament without insurance in the past, knows the big difference having insurance makes. We have listed a few of those differences below:

Without Hole In One Insurance


With Hole In One Insurance

Promoting your event can be hard without contests, perks and prizes.


With hole in one insurance, your event will promote itself. You will have the option of having your golfers to compete for top cash prizes! Who wouldn’t get excited over that?
Most tournament sponsors offer such a prize knowing, or at least hoping, that it will only serve as an added draw of golfers and nobody will actually sink the ball in the cup in one shot.


However, with insurance, you will have the ability to become worry free and actually encourage your golfers to make the winning shot. There is no risk to you and the prize will be covered by us!
Without insurance, your ability to make money can be hard since the quality of your prizes are not high.


Add a rule allowing your players to be eligible to win the hole-in-one prize by contributing $1 or an amount of your choice.  
You registration table can look a little bare. How about giving your golfers free gifts as soon as they register? Coverage with US Hole In One comes with free certificates for golf clubs and Worldwide Golf Shops cash cards for your golfers.

To start seeing the difference Hole In One Insurance will make for your tournament, give us a call at 888-882-5440 to speak to a representative!

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