Go Big & Win Big: Customizable Giant Checks!

Friday, March 16, 2018

We have something that you need to “check” out!

If you are looking for ways to demonstrate physically, just how huge your cash prize is, we have the perfect solution! Our larger than life checks are customizable and is perfect for a huge event!

The steps to set up your check is simple and step by step process. See below!

  1. Choose how big you want your check size. Our standard check sizes are 36″ L by 21″ W.
  2. Specify on your order form or with your representative, the details that will go on your check. You will also need to include any artwork that will go on the check like logos, prize images, etc.
  3. Place your order! If the art department has any additional questions or information, we will notify you.
  4. If you request to have a proof, it is sent before we print. Proofs usually sent within 24 hours during business hours.
  5. Once approved, we will get started printing your check!

Before you place your order, consider the following:

“You won $10,000″ doesn’t sound as exciting as actually seeing $10,000! What good is it if people can’t see your prize? The proper size for your check will be determined upon how many people are at your event. When one person is giving a check to the winner, then our standard 36″ by 21” size will be a good size to use. If you have a promotion inside of a stadium, the biggest check size would work out better because of how far your audience will be viewing it from.

Customizing your sign is easy. Just send over your logo and details. Or if you have an image of a check that you would like for us to print, you can send that over to us as well. We recommend that all art is sent to art@usholeinone.com. For more information on our checks, give us a call at 888-882-5440.



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