Throwback Thursday: Highlighting Some of Our Most Epic Winning Plays

Thursday, April 13, 2017

It’s Throwback Thursday for US Hole In One! We want to take the time to look back at some of our most memorable winning plays! We dug into our archives and brought out some surprise reactions, effortless wins, and big prize winners! Treat these wins as a taste of what’s to come for your own tournament.

Putting Contest
Jordan Ensrud – $5,000 Winner

The first golfer we want to remember is Jordan Ensrud who made a winning hole in one putt to earn $5,000! In 2009, Ensrud attended the MASLA golf event in Anoka, MN. The sponsors of the event purchased hole in one insurance for the 60 foot putting contest and their decision to get coverage protected them from dishing out $5,000 and also made Ensrud $5,000 richer. It was a win win situation for the sponsor and the winner with no financial risk. Our putting contests are just as unbelievable as his win. We offer a variety of distances and if you think weather will be an issue, we also provide Indoor Putting contests!

Putting Contest
Ruby Ross – Wins a Set of Callaway X Hot Irons (3-PW)

Next, Twelve Stones Crossing Golf Club of Goodlettsville, TN purchased hole in one insurance in 2013 for their MIHI Golf Scramble, giving their golfers the chance to win big. Their tournament shows just how much freedom we give our clients in terms of customization. We offer prize packages that include vacations, and cars, but this client opted to make a Set of Callaway X Hot Irons (3-PW) their prize instead. Their are no limits when working with us. In this case, they were also in control of distance. Our standard distance for putts are usually 40 or 50 ft and this client chose to make things more difficult for their golfers by creating a 138 yard putt! So how will you decide to challenge your golfers during your next tournament?

There are a number of other memorable wins that can be seen on our Youtube page found here. But don’t think that your golfers can be the only winners. By purchasing our hole in one insurance, you will win by saving your self from the financial risk of insuring your own tournament. To find out how to insure your next event, reach out to one of our representatives at 888-882-5440. Or email us at





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