No Sponsor, No Problem!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

No sponsor, no problem! If you currently find yourself reaching out for sponsorships and getting denied, we have a solution! We have determined a successful approach that we have seen practiced with our own clients that is a guaranteed way to have sponsors waiting at your front door (or on the green). Recruiting sponsors will be just as important as recruiting the golfers themselves. You would sell your event to golfers with top contests and prizes. And sponsors are no different. You need to sell them with top marketing materials and exposure. And luckily, we have have both!

For the most part, your sponsors will be the biggest contribution of funding for your tournament. Yes, you can generate some revenue from registration fees, but the majority of funds for a charity event usually comes from businesses and organizations that have donated in exchange for favorable publicity. This is where our services come in to help. Publicity can range depending upon the type of contribution they would like to make. But no matter what sponsorship package they choose, we have corresponding signage. See below to check out a detailed list of possible sponsorships:

Title Sponsor: Your biggest sponsor, the one who pays enough to have their name on the event. This sponsor’s name usually goes on all signs and banners, and it’s featured prominently in other publicity materials. If you are reaching out to dealerships, then they have the greatest benefits! They can use the publicity opportunity to it’s full advantage. Providing prize vehicles for the tournament speaks for itself, but we take your marketing to the next level. We offer magnetic signs that can be placed on the vehicle to publicize the dealership. They provide the vehicle, and leave the marketing material to us.

Presenting Sponsors: Though not as big as the title sponsor, the presenting sponsors’ names should still appear sometimes smaller, on brochures and advertising. They usually even have the opportunity to speak at the event.

Contest Sponsors: These are people who donate prizes for contests. List them in any publicity materials, provide them with some kind of special thanks, and mention them during the awards banquet as you show off the prizes they donated.

Meal Sponsors: These sponsors contribute specifically to food and drinks. They can donate money to offset the cost of the banquet or, in some instances, donate specific food items — such as bottled water and soft drinks — for the golfers as they’re on the course.

Hole Sponsors: A hole sponsor pays a certain amount to sponsor a single hole on the golf course. A sign with their company name appears at the hole they’ve sponsored for all the golfers and fans to see as they play through. This is generally the least expensive sponsorship option.

By creating a variety of sponsorship packages, you are able to allow sponsors to contribute based upon their own budget. A sponsor with a bigger budget would sign up to be a title sponsor. While a business with a tighter budget may sponsor just a hole. Don’t scare sponsors away with huge dollar signs! And when reaching out to sponsors, you can also ensure them that they will get the proper recognition they deserve. Their signs can be fully customizable to include their logo or even promotion materials from their business.

No more stressing over sponsorships. With US Hole In One, we worry proof your event. To find out more information on what we can provide for your sponsors and golfers, check out our website at To speak to a representative give us a call at 888-882-5440 or email us at


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