Let The Good Times Roll With A Dice Roll Contest!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

It’s time to put the clubs down and pick up some dice. Decrease the pressure from your tournament by giving four lucky golfers from your event a chance to roll their way to a win! This fun-filled promotion that is sure to attract a crowd! You will select a winning word or phrase that participants attempt to spell out on the dice. If a player can successfully roll the winning phrase, they become a lucky W-I-N-N-E-R! You can add this promotion to your hole-in-one, putting or shootout coverage. The perfect add-on without the high additional cost!

How does it work?

  • Decide on the prize you want to giveaway and the number of contestants you want to have participate.
  • Select the winning word, phrase or logos that will go on your custom dice.
  • Have your participants roll the dice and if they roll the winning combination then they walk away a winner!
  • How much does it cost? 

    Below we have listed a few sample prices for our add-on dice roll game. Our prices offer little payment on big cash prizes!

    Prize Value: $2,500   –   Cost: $75.00

    Prize Value: $5,000   –   Cost: $150.00

    Prize Value: $10,000   –   Cost: $300.00

    Do you think a dice roll contest is something you would like to “roll with?” We gave you reasons why you should, and left you with no reasons of why you shouldn’t – because there is no reason. Why pass on a chance to give your golfers more opportunities to win?

    Click here for the Add-on contest application: https://www.holeinoneinsurance.com/purchase-addon-contest-coverage.aspx?type=dice_roll

    To receive a free quote you can reach one of our representatives at 888-882-5440 or email us at info@usholeinone.com.

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