How the New Golf Rule Proposals will Benefit your Tournament

Friday, March 10, 2017

Let’s admit it, the sport of Golf has been showing it’s age – over 500 years old to be somewhat exact. It’s past puberty, went through menopause, and is now seeking more changes with the new proposed golf rules. For some, “it’s about time.” For others, what comes to mind is skepticism and disapproval. You can be the judge by reading about all of them over at the USGA website. The plan is to take feedback from golfers now, finalize the changes in 2018, and introduce them officially to the rules of golf on Jan. 1, 2019.

With the game of golf possibly changing, you can expect that your tournament will do the same. To take precaution, it’s a good idea to know exactly how your event will be affected. We have listed a few of the new proposed rule changes and how you can use the changes to work in your favor with US Hole In One.

Lost Balls
New Rule: You will be allowed to search for a lost ball for three minutes.
Current Rule: You may search for five minutes.
USHIO Tournament Proposal: Losing a golf ball on the green will seem like less of a problem if your players know that they have a free $10.00 cash card! USHIO has partnered with Worldwide Golf Shops to offer a free cash card to each one of your players! Your players can replace lost balls by shopping for new ones on their website.

Pace of Play
New Rule: Recommends that players make each stroke in no more than 40 seconds, and usually in less time.
Current Rule: No recommendations are given.
USHIO Tournament Proposal: Since players will no longer be able to take their time eyeing the ball and wait for the perfect breeze, nothing motivates players more to hit the ball than money. Speed up your tournament and offer cash prizes up to $1,000,000!

Playing with Damaged Club
New Rule: A player may keep using any damaged club, even if the player damaged it in anger.
Current Rule: A player may use the damaged club only if it was damaged in the “normal course of play.”
USHIO Tournament Proposal: Let your players get angry all they want! Damaged clubs with USHIO can easily be replaced with through our partnership with Warrior Golf Clubs. We offer free Golf club certificates for each one of your players at your tournament.

Player Accidentally Moves Ball
New Rule: If a player accidentally moves a ball when searching for it, or accidentally moves his/her ball marker or ball on the putting green, the new rule will be that there is no penalty.
Current Rule: 1-stroke penalty.
USHIO Tournament Proposal: By holding a Hole in One contest, the only time your players are moving the ball is once. One swing and one chance to win big cash prizes. No possible penalties!

With the new proposed changes, you can see that you and your players have nothing to worry about. USHIO has made it easy to adapt to the changes with our free offers and contest options. To find out more info speak to one of our representatives at 888-882-5440 or email us at

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