Welcome Winter By Improving Your Golf Game

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at US Hole In One! We hope you have a great holiday spent with family and friends. Now that Thanksgiving is here, it means that winter is less than a month away!

The most loyal golfers don’t stop playing just because winter is almost here. Do you have extra time off during the holidays and are hoping to play despite the cold? If you’re planning to play golf during the winter, there’s some great tips to keep in mind. We’ve highlighted a few important ones:

  • Your golf course par will change with winter conditions. You may have to add on strokes to make up for harsh conditions.
  • Try practicing at an indoor simulator. It may not be the same as playing on an outdoor course, but there won’t be any snow or slush to worry about!
  • Use the winter months to improve your game for spring. Given the cold weather conditions, your skills will likely be affected. Instead of striving for perfection in imperfect course conditions, simply create goals to achieve by the springtime, when the regular golf season returns.

Keep in mind that winter won’t last forever, but your passion for golf can be maintained all year round by hosting a golf contest! Call us at 888-882-5440 or email us at info@usholeinone.com to get started on purchasing coverage.

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