The Different Types of Golf Contests We Insure

Friday, October 28, 2016

Do you have an upcoming golf tournament and are searching for a way to make your event more exciting? We have three solutions for you — hole in one, putting, and shootout contest insurance! Our golf promotions will enhance your tournament and reward your golfers while respecting your budget limitations.

Each insured contest we offer gives your golfers a fantastic experience and the opportunity to win an amazing prize. Learn how each promotion works below:

  • Hole In One Contest – As our most popular golf contest, hole in one insurance is a proven way to elevate your golf tournament or outing!  To run a hole in one golf contest, you will first select the grand prize and a determine the hole number and yardage distance for the participant. Once your coverage has been secured and your tournament date has arrived, golfers can compete for the chance to win big! They’ll love the opportunity to earn a grand prize and you won’t have to worry about covering the cost! Access more details on how to run a hole in one contest.

  • Putting Contest – If you want to conclude your next golf tournament with an exciting promotion, consider putting contest coverage! Prior to your golf event, you will determine the distance (measured in feet) and the contest location on the golf course. Once you have secured putting insurance, we will cover the cost of the grand prize if your putting contest produces a winner! Discover more details on how to run a putting contest.

  • Shootout Contest – If you want to give your golfers the chance to win an exceptionally amazing prize, this is the promotion for you! An insured shootout contest allows you to offer a grand prize cash amount of up to $1 million. Once the details of your tournament are determined and you have purchased prize coverage, US Hole In One will pay out the prize amount if a lucky participant manages to successfully make the ace during the contest! Here are further details on how to run a shootout contest.

Now all that’s left to do is decide which golf contest best fits your event. If you can’t quite decide, why not sponsor all three! Contact US Hole In One to sponsor prize coverage by calling 888-882-5440 or emailing us at

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