The Various Formats of Golf!

Friday, May 29, 2015


There is a variety of ways to play a round of golf, when it comes to golf tournaments you have many different formats to choose from.  Below are a few simple formats to use when hosting a golf tournament



  • The shotgun start format is when all groups of golfers tee off at the same time from different holes.  The purpose of all golfers playing simultaneously is that they all will end their round of golf at the same time.



  • A scramble is normally played with 4-person teams but it can be done with 2 person teams.  When a scramble is being used, each player tees off on each hole.  After each golfer tees off all of the player’s next shots will be played from the best spot of all the previous shots.  They will continue to play from the location of the best shot until one of the golfers holes the ball.  They will record only one score for each hole.

Best Ball

  • A best ball format can be used for a 2 person, 3 person or 4 person teams.  When you are playing best ball, every golfer plays the hole with their own ball.  After the hole is finished by every golfer, only the lowest score by any golfer in the group is recorded. In the end it allows the group to finish their round with the lowest “best”, score possible because they throw out the poor scores and only record the best score out of the group for each hole.

Four Ball

  • When you have a 2 person best ball match play competition it becomes four ball.  Therefore each twosome will have a score based on the lowest score achieved on each hole between the two golfers.

Alternative Shot

  • Alternative shot works best for 2-person teams. The two golfers will alternate taking shots until the ball ends up in the hole and there will be one score per twosome. They will also alternate hitting tee shots so if you have hole in one prizes for your golf tournament make sure you implement the appropriate rules for the par 3 prize holes.

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