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Monday, December 22, 2014

sunrainsnowSales promotions are a great way to boost sales and increase foot traffic through your store’s doors! Weather is the determining factor as to whether or not your customers win BIG! It gives your customers a chance to win back the money they spent on any purchase made during a certain period of time. Did you know that you can insure a sales promotion through US Hole In One‘s sister company, US Weather Insurance? When you insure a sales promotion with US Weather Insurance you can create a positive buzz for your place of business, promoting the business and drawing people into your store. Do you think a sales promotion could benefit your business but are you not exactly sure how sales promotion works? Here is all the information you will need to get started!!

  • Sales Period – A weekend, a week or  maybe a month long promotion? The sales period is when the customers can come in to the store and make a purchase have the chance to be reimbursed for their purchase. Make sure to advertise the sales promotion so customers come into the store during this time.
  • Recording Date – The date that you would like to record the weather condition happening is needed in order to get a quote. Holidays are always popular  because they can be easily remembered. So maybe you want to do Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day or the 4th of July? It is totally  up to you!  The weather coverage you choose will be measured on this day to see if your company can cash in.
  • Estimates Sales Volume – The estimated total sales volume is the amount of money you would like to reimburse your customers. It is based on the predicted amount you will sell in the sales period.
  • Type of Weather Coverage – Rain, snow or temperature? US Weather needs to know what type of weather condition you are looking to record.

Sales promotions allow you to change up the ordinary coupons or discounts you offer your customers throughout the year. You are giving them the opportunity to win back some or ALL of their money back for their purchase which is an awesome incentive for customers to make a purchase from your business during this time. It is so easy to run for the business owners. All you have to do purchase the policy from US Weather Insurance and we handle the rest. All you do is go on with business as usual! How easy is that?  Us Weather Insurance will pull the weather records and verify the rest.

Do you want to get started on a sales promotion? Please email us at, give us a call at 888-982-5488 or visit us online at We look forward to hearing from you!


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