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Thursday, October 17, 2013

At US Hole In One not only do we specialize in hole in one insurance but we also cover all other sports and games. At this time of the year football, basketball and hockey contest are very popular. For football events a lot of teams are looking to do field goal kicks at halftime. Many dealerships and local banks are sponsoring these kinds of contest by giving away cars or cash prizes for a successful 40 yard field goal kick. A very popular basketball contest is a half court shot during a halftime of college or high school game.  This contest is very easy to run. All you have to do is pick one luck winner to take a shot from the half court line and watch the basketball soar.  Our favorite hockey coverage is when you pick a lucky fan to shoot a puck and see if they can get the puck to go through a template at the goal. Most fans have a great chance to making this shot because it takes very little skill shooting a puck on ice and all you need is a little luck for it to go through the template.

US Hole In One offers hundreds of different contests and games and we also can help cover events in your showroom or banquet hall. Please call our representatives to go over a contest that may fit your next event. We love bringing excitement to your event.

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