US Hole In One Provides More Than Just Hole In One Insurance:

Friday, March 16, 2012

US Hole In One not only provides hole in one insurance but we also sell putting and shoot out insurance. At US Hole In One we try our best to remain the lowest price on the market for our hole in one insurance, putting and shootout coverage. For less than a couple hundred dollars you can add a putting or shootout insurance contest to your hole in one insurance or if you are not having hole in one insurance at the event, you can always just run a shootout or putting contest to add a little excitement to the day!

The putting insurance quote is based on three factors, how many people you want to attempt the putt, the distance of the putt, and the value you want to give away. Most people only have one or two golfers from the tournament participate in the putting insurance contest since the odds are in the golfers favor or making the putt. US Hole In One offers two different distances for a putting contest, 40 or 50 feet. Obviously the shorter the putt the more expensive the insurance will be. Putting contests can be insured up to $25,000. The most common policy for a putting insurance contest will be the 50 foot putt for one person from the event for a $5,000 prize; this is less that $200.00 for the policy.

The shootout price is only based on two factors, how many people are going to participate and the value of the prize. All shootout insurance contests are based at 165 yards or greater so the yardage or distance does not factor in the price. The shootout insurance is also going to be a per person price, like the putting not everyone in the event is able to participate in the shootout contest because with prize values so great, it can get expensive. Shootout prize values range from $100,000- $1,000,000. The most common policy will be one person for a million dollar prize (40 year annuity) for the price of $200.00.

Don’t forget about other promotions to run during your event! We can help you with running contests like a dice roll, a lucky envelope draw and many other contests. If you have an idea of what you want to do let us know and we would be happy to work with you!

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