US Hole In One’s Low Price Guarantee

Friday, May 11, 2012

US Hole In One wants to make sure their customers are satisfied and remain loyal to our company. We understand that part clients being loyal to US Hole In One is offering the lowest price and great customer service. We are so confident that we offer the lowest hole in one insurance price around for our clients. Included in the price, quoted to you by your tournament consultant, is not only the grand prize hole but also bonus prize holes and signs, all for one price! While most competitors don’t even offer a prize package that is all inclusive, US Hole In One guarantees that the price your receive from our company will be less than any other quote from a different hole in one insurance company.

In the rare case that a client comes back to us with a lower price from a different insurance company, the process of the low price guarantee is simple. US Hole In One will gladly review the quote and beat the price.  A tournament consultant will ask the client to email or fax over the lower quote just so US Hole In One can verify that the lower quote is from a valid insurance company (one backed by an underwriter). After making sure that the company has an underwriter, your consultant will adjust our price, and we take 10% of the difference then subtract that number from the lower quote. From there you will be emailed over an updated quote and application and you’ll have hole in one insurance in place that same day!

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