Non-Traditional Types of Golf Tournaments

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


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Did you know that there are different ways to play a round of golf? We’re not talking about your stroke play, match play or skins. Below is a list of some of the simple ways to play a round with some buddies or even host a tournament in one of these styles.

Better Ball

The better ball format is very common in golf tournaments. Every golfer plays the hole with their own ball. After each player has finished the hole the lowest score by any golfer in the group is recorded.. This gives the group the opportunity to throw out the poor scores so at the end of the round they end up with one overall lowest score possible. It puts groups of golfers against each other instead of every golfer for themselves.

Scramble  –

The scramble format is great in tournaments to speed up play. In a scramble the foursome plays together and records one score for each hole. All four golfers tee off then they take the best drive and all hit their second shot from there, the pattern continues for the second shot and so on until the ball goes into the hole. This results in more birdies and pars and a quicker round of play.


The shamble is very similar to scramble where all the golfers tee off and pick the best drive. (If you play like I do it would never be my drive. *Begin sad violin song*) From here all the golfers hit their second shot, unlike the scramble the golfers then play their own ball from the second shot on, like normal stroke play.

Alternative Shot

The alternative shot works best for two man teams where just as the name sounds the two golfer’s alternate shots until the ball goes into the hole. This is a great way to speed up play in a tournament and each twosome will record one score.


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