How To Get Hole In One Insurance

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hole in one insurance is an extremely simple process once you get started. The first thing you need to do in order to get the ball rolling is contact US Hole In One for a insurance quote. In order to get a quote you must be hosting or be involved with a golf tournament, US Hole In One can not provide hole in one insurance for any golf event that is not associated with a golf tournament.

There are two ways to get a quote through US Hole In One. The best way to get a quote if you are a first timer is to call one of our tournament consultants. They will ask you three main questions to determine the price of hole in one insurance, the number of golfers in the event, the distance of the par 3 hole you want the grand prize on, and the amount you want to insure the grand prize for. It is also good to know the date of the tournament, the name of the event, and the golf course that you will be playing. The quote will then be emailed to you along with a hole in one insurance application that will have to be filled out and faxed back over.

US Hole In One has also introduced an online quote option where clients can simple go onto our website and type in the same information and the price for coverage will appear right on the computer screen. New this year, US Hole In One will give you the option to purchase the coverage online by continuing through the quote and filling out the online application. That application will be automatically send to our processing department and processed that same day.

Whether you want to personally talk to a consultant or get the application processed online, US Hole In One will make sure you get the coverage you need for your event by keeping the process simple and quick!

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