How long does it take to get Hole In One Insurance?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Here at US Hole In One, our consultants often get the questions, “is it too late to get hole in one insurance?” or “how far in advance do I need to apply to cover my tournament?” At US Hole In One, we make it easy, as long as the tournament has not started, we can get you covered that day!

It is better to give yourself some time to make sure you can take advantage of all the hole in one insurance package has to offer like free bonus prizes and signs. However, we have many clients call last minute and need hole in one insurance for a tournament that same day. In order to get coverage whether it is an hour before the tournament or a month before is to fill out an application. This can be done with the hard copy of the application that your tournament consultant emails you or an online application that can be filled out right on our website. (You are not obligated to purchase. Feel free to use the calculator as much as necessary) If you are able to get the hole in one insurance application back into us at least 10 days before your tournament then you will be able to take advantage of free shipping on all of your hole in one signs. If you are running a little late, no worries, we can still get the signs to you in time for your event for a small shipping fee.

For those emergency situations where someone forgot to get hole in one insurance or your sponsor backs out last minute, it is best the fill out the online application, you will have coverage in minutes!

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