What Can I Add To My Hole In One Insurance Policy?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hole in one insurance contests are a great way to bring in players to your tournament by giving them an exciting incentive to sign up. A hole in one insurance promotion is effective because it allows all the golfers an equal chance to win a grand prize like cash or a new car. Most clients enjoy the coverage that US Hole In One Insurance supplies so much that they want to add most contests to their tournament. In this case we suggest two other promotions that are a great addition to the event, and even offer a chance to raise some extra money for a good cause.

The two other contests that US Hole In One Insurance offers for golf tournaments are a putting contest and a shootout promotion. Both of these contests are typically done at the end of the tournament after all the golfers have played through 18 holes. An effective way to run these contests is to offer the chance to enter the promotion during registration; you can even sell raffle tickets to support your organization. After the tournament is over, select one name or pull one ticket and that person gets to participate in the contest you choose. The add on putting contest is done from 60 feet with values up to $25,000. The putting contest can also be done on the practice green for convenience and prices start as low as $75.00 to add it on. The shootout can be done on any hole, most do the 18th or 9th because it is close to the clubhouse, measured out 165 yards. For a million dollar shot for one person, rates start at just $200.00. For both contests, the participant selected gets one attempt with no practice shots and the contest must be videotaped.

In order to add one of theses contests to your event you can simply download the application for the putting or shootout promotion from our website or ask one of our consultants to send you a quote and application emailed along with your hole in one insurance policy.

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