How Far In Advance Do I Need to Buy Hole In One Insurance?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The process for hole in one insurance for a golf tournament is unlike most other types of insurance in that you can receive a quote and get coverage all in one day! There is no long waiting period for the insurance to go into effect, once US Hole In One receives your completed application we will issue hole in one insurance that very same day.  Most customers don’t believe how quickly US Hole In One can deliver an application and get coverage in place for our clients. One of our customers number one worry is that they don’t have enough time to get the coverage in place before the tournament but like we tell our customers we can get the coverage in effect for a tournament that day if you need it.

Of course US Hole In One encourages you to plan ahead so you can take advantage of everything that is offered in the hole in one insurance package. By sending the application back to US Hole In One at least 10 days before your tournament we will guarantee that your signs ship out at no extra cost for the grand prize hole as well as the bonus prizes that are also offered in the hole in one insurance package.  Some clients want to get hole in one insurance taken care of far in advance and that is okay with us too. Once the hole in one insurance application is processed the contact person can make a change to the policy at any time up until the start of the event. Other clients need hole in one insurance in place for a tournament that same week, US Hole In One will make sure they are covered for the tournament and offer expedited shipping of their signs at a small shipping cost. For more information or to receive a quote call us at 888-882-5440.

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