Hole In One Insurance for Touring Pros

Friday, July 22, 2011

Can you get hole in one insurance for touring pros? The answer is yes. There is a price difference for pros though. The cost for hole in one insurance for touring pros is approximately five times the cost of an amateur golfer.

If you watched this past year’s British Open Championship you would understand why their cost for hole in one insurance is higher. Even in the grueling winds and rain, two pros got hole in ones. One of the hole in ones was accomplished by Dustin Johnson. The other was by Tom Watson. This was Tom Watson’s fifteenth hole in one in his career.

If you watch an average pro tournament it seems that they have at least one hole in one in a tournament. As the PGA slogan states these guys are good. Next time you book your charity event do not forget to include your local pro in your hole in one insurance quote.

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