Hole In One Insurance and a Shootout Contest. What is the difference?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Hole In One Insurance vs. Shootout Contest Insurance

Many of our clients get confused when differentiating between a hole in one insurance contest and a million dollar shootout contest. While in order to have a winner for both contests a golfer does have to make a hole in one, the contests occur at different times of the tournament. A hole in one insurance contest is set up during the course of play for all of the golfers in the tournament to participate. Usually an average hole in one insurance prize would be a large cash prize of around $25,000 or a car. A hole in one insurance contest is set up on one of the par 3 holes on the golf course and during play when the golfers get to that hole, their first tee shot counts as their hole in one insurance attempt. Hole in one contest are great because every golfer in your tournament gets to shoot for a grand prize.

A shootout contest is run differently. A shootout grand prize is usually a larger cash prize such as $100,000 or $1,000,000. Also the shootout is typically done before or after the tournament and does not have to be on a par 3 hole. Most clients will set up the shootout contest on the hole closest to the club house so everyone in the tournament can witness the contest taking place. Using a par 4 or 5 hole is not a problem, you would just need to measure out 165 yards from the green and set up the shot from there. Lastly the shootout is not for all of the golfers in the tournament, since the contest is priced per shot it is best to narrow down the field to 1-5 golfers. Selecting a few golfers by selling raffle tickets also gives a great opportunity to raise some money for the event. For more information on either of these contests give us a call!

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