Hole In One Insurance Can Increase Golfer Participation

Friday, March 11, 2011

Most people are looking for innovative ways to promote their events in the best possible ways and increase golfers. Hole in one insurance is a contest where the golf player needs to make a hole in one on the hole specified. Well obviously if someone can make a hole to win $1,000,000 then this surely is inviting and increase the profile of your golf event.

To add this exciting contest to the tournament, the sponsor or the organizer just needs to pay a coverage fee to the hole in one insurance organization and they in turn will payout the prize if you have a successful hole in one. Hole in one insurance contests can become a very effective fund raiser tool as a way to attract more players and sponsors.

Hole in one insurance basically works on certain limits and factors. It depends on how long the distance of the hole and how many players are participating in the contest and the value of the prize. To lower the contest of hole in one insurance coverage you can lower your prize from a Porsche to a nice Toyota. Consulting with an agent for hole in one insurance isn’t a bad idea at all because it might lead to organizing the event in a much better way. Many hole in one insurance agents run their own golf events and can help with the process of running your event more efficiently.

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