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Friday, January 7, 2011

Many people approach the New Year wanting to make a difference.  Whether they want to make a change in their own life or in the lives of the others, New Year’s resolutions seem to have the same tune across the board.  If you are looking to make a difference for others why not try to help out a local charity to raise money for their cause.  A great way to do so would be to start up a fundraiser or bring something new to an already existing event.  US Hole In One Insurance and Interactive Promotions Group have just want you need to get your new year off to a great start!

Whether you are looking to run a large, annual event like a golf tournament or a casino night or collect names throughout a sports season and then select one lucky contestant, US Hole In One Insurance and Interactive Promotions Group will help you make a great event even better by offering contest coverage for your grand prize.  All you need to do is select the type of contest you want to offer at your charity fundraiser and let us know the value of the prize you want to offer and the number of people you wish to give the opportunity to.  Once we have those few pieces of information, we will be able to calculate the hole in one insurance or contest insurance.

For Hole In One Insurance contests at golf tournaments, Dice Rolls at casino nights, and Half-Court Shots at Basketball games, $25,000 cash seems to be the most popular, cost effective option for our clients.  There really is no better way to make a difference in a community than to raise money for an important cause.  Whether it’s for the local fire department or for a nationwide charity, every penny counts.  By offering one of these contests at your next fundraiser it is sure create quite the buzz when you offer the chance to win a big prize as well as attract more people that will want donate money to the foundation in need.

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