How About A Million Dollar Shoot Out!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Prizes at golf tournaments and outings vary, sometimes a car is won, maybe a vacation. Recently, an increasing number of golf contests and tournaments have offered a $1,000,000 prize. A Shoot Out worth $1Million is very exciting, though some planners might find it hard to fit that much prize money into their budget. This is where creativity and insurance coverage of the prize money come into play. And, you can use the excitement and draw of a Million Dollar Shoot Out to your advantage.

The type of event or tournament you are sponsoring will help determine the most effective way of awarding the lucky few or, that lucky one winner, the chance to win $1Million.  If the tournament is being help to benefit a charity, why not raffle off the chance to take the lucky shot. Have people purchase their tickets during the event and hold the drawing later in the event. By doing this, you can generate excitement for the drawing and encourage people to buy chances throughout the event.  Another great idea is to auction off the chance to make the $1 Million shot.  Both of these methods generate excitement for the $1 Million prize as well as raising additional funds for your charity.

US Hole In One has experience in providing insurance coverage for all types of golf contests. In addition to the Million Dollar Shoot Out, there is also Putting Prize coverage. If standard Hole In One insurance is what you need we are uniquely able to help you. At the present time, US Hole In One is offering Putting Contest coverage at a low affordable rate if purchased with Hole In One insurance. Contact us and let us see what we can do to make your event an outstanding success.

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