What Can Winning a Hole In One Insurance Contest Get You?

Friday, August 6, 2010

What can winning a hole in one insurance contest get you? A hundred dollars, a thousand dollars, maybe a couple thousand? Not even close. A lot of very lucky individuals have won up to a million dollars! What’s amazing is that it doesn’t stop there. In the past, US Hole In One has provided hole in one insurance for amazing prices like cars, boats, vacation packages, million dollar cash prizes, sports tickets and even homes. Yes, homes!

Numerous car dealerships sponsor golf outings and love to see a hole in one insurance winner start the engine and drive away with one of their quality models. BMW is one of them and we regularly do business with them.
Now how about a boat? Fishing or just being on the open water can be a truly relaxing experience that is far away for the busy tasks of everyday life. Some hole-in-one winners are lucky enough to have this privilege.

Next up is vacation packages. Depending on the tournament director’s choice, a vacation package for any hole in one winner could send them anywhere from the picturesque mountains in Europe to the calm and crystal-clear water of Naples, Florida. We’re pretty sure that these vacation packages have left their winners 100 percent satisfied.
How would you like to get season tickets with your favorite sports team that you’ve supported since you were in diapers. Many tournament directors that we have worked with establish contacts with professional teams like the Phillies, the Eagles, the Redskins, the Ravens, the Yankees and many more.

Lastly, homes have also been given away. Not many people can say that they’ve teed it up on a par 3 and walked off the green as a new homeowner. To some, the thought of this is ridiculous, but it has happened. That’s why, you can consider US Hole In One as a miracle maker! We encourage you to tell any tournament director about US Hole In One’s promotions. This will make the event more attractive and would ultimately generate more money. For more info on hole in one insurance feel free to call us at 888-882-5440.

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