Hole In One Insurance Bonus Prizes

Friday, June 4, 2010

As tournament directors plan for their hole in one insurance contest, often times they try to select the right hole in hopes that someone will actually hit a hole in one on that hole and walk away with a big prize. However, don’t forget that when you purchase hole in one insurance through US Hole In One that you are purchasing contest insurance for one specific hole and that we are also throwing in bonus prizes for the other par three holes on the course.

With US Hole In One, we understand how it can be frustrating to have a player hit a hole in one on another hole, during the golf tournament, and walk away with an impressive game but without the grand prize in his back pocket. That is why bonus prizes are offered on every hole in which a hole in one could be achieved. A bonus prize is not as flashy or as expensive as the grand prize, however, the smaller hole in one prizes are ideal for any other par 3 holes on the course in which a hole in one is made.

How does this work? Let’s assume that during your golf tournament that none of your golfers hit a hole in one on the par 3 that you have selected as your grand prize hole but someone (or multiple players for that matter) hit a hole in one on one of the other par three holes. That golfer may not win the car or the huge cash prize, but instead, they win a bonus prize, which could be a television, set of golf clubs or airline tickets for two anywhere in the domestic United States.

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