Golf Club Certificates When You Purchase Hole In One Insurance

Friday, July 23, 2010

When you use US Hole In One Insurance to insure a hole in one insurance contest, a putting contest or even shoot out hole in one insurance not only will you receive free prize signs but in addition you will receive a number of Warrior Golf Certificates. Once redeemed these certificates are good for a free hybrid or wedge. To receive the clubs all your participants need to do is redeem the certificate and pay for the shipping. We will send you enough to ensure that each one of your golfers will leave with a certificate.

Here’s how it works! To redeem the certificate the golfer just needs to fill out the form found on the back of the certificate and then either mail or fax it to Warrior Custom Golf. The option of going online is also available; the golfer just needs to go to ( The only thing the golfer has to pay is the shipping and handling fee that is applicable to each club. The 19 degree hybrid has a fee of $23.50 and the 60 degree lob wedge has a fee of $11.85. Of course the golfer can opt for both of the clubs and only pay $29.95!

These Warrior Golf certificates make a nice addition to any goodie bag or you can simply hand them out at registration. This promotion has proven itself very popular over the past several years and Warrior Custom Golf is one of the leaders in innovative custom golf technology. Remember to use US Hole In One Insurance to insure your next golf event and receive enough certificates for all your golfers!

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