Bonus Prizes For Hole In One Insurance Policy Bought

Friday, November 5, 2010

A hole in one insurance promising a cash prize, a car or vacation will always generate a good amount of excitement.  Did you know that US Hole In One will also cover additional Bonus Prize Holes? These Bonus Prizes will come at no additional cost and we will also include the signs to go along with them!

These Bonus Prizes make a nice addition to any golf outing or tournament.  They provide the golfers an opportunity to win a prize if they happen to ace a par 3 hole which is not the Grand Prize hole.  It would be disappointing for someone to sink a Hole In One on another par 3 and then have to walk away with nothing at all.  These Bonus Prizes are sure to add more buzz and excitement to an already eventful day!

At the moment we offer several different Bonus Prizes.  They include a set of  Callaway Irons, a Sharp LCD Flat-Screen Television and a pair of round trip tickets to anywhere in the continental US.  You also have the ability to customize which prizes you would like to display.  For example, you might like to give away 2 televisions and 1 set of clubs, or have all the prizes to be Plane Tickets.  No problem, it is all up to you!  Just let us know how many par 3 holes you have, and which signs you want, we take care of the rest.

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