Advertising at Golf Tournaments Shows Benefits

Friday, April 23, 2010

In recent years Golf Tournaments have steadily become a popular way to raise money for a charity or cause.  The primary reason a company would support a tournament is an association with the cause.  Another reason to support a tournament is for a chance to use effective and proven advertising to generate business for you company.

Research at various marketing and advertising firms has supported the use of advertising at tournaments.  One of most popular and widely used companies was car dealerships. The research yielded results supporting all forms of advertising that could be used at golf tournaments.  The usage of hats and bags sporting the company logo were taken into factor.  As well as the signage used around the course, to the cars that were on display at the hole-in-one.  These various methods helped expose the company to many people, which in turn drew more people to the dealership interested in purchasing a car.  These results generated more numbers than paper advertisements and radio spots.

Research and studies aside sponsoring a golf outing is also an effective way to reach out to customers on a more personal and local level.  People view a company’s interest in a local charity or cause as an interest in the community itself.  This along with effective advertsing generates a positive association with the company.

US Hole in One has been producing event and sponsor signs for years.  Whether it be several prize signs for the hole in one insurance to orders of a couple dozen custom hole and event signs, it can all be done professionally and in a timely fashion.

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