April 27, 2010

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This will serve as the final blog post in this particular blog section of our website. We have simply moved the new Hole In One Insurance Blog articles to a different section of our site. Hopefully you will find the content there to be just as exciting when it comes to discussing everything golf and hole in one insurance related!

April 16, 2010

Hole In One Insurance for Lady Golfers!

Joy Croft started playing golf in 1969 and since then has accomplished not just one hole in one, but three! Her latest hole in one occurred on the 15th hole of Blenheim Golf Club in New Zealand. She hit her 5 wood 142 yards to the green and was unable to see the ball roll into the hole but it was later confirmed by one of her playing partners. Croft, a 16 handicap, hit her first ace in 1979 at Wairau Valley Golf Club and her second in 1992 at Marlborough Golf Club. Croft won a small prize in the tournament (the tournament director must have purchased hole in one insurance) that went towards celebrating with friends in the club house after the event. Congrats to Joy and her outstanding aces.

US Hole In One doesn’t forget about those women golfers in the golf tournament. US Hole In One offers ladies yardages with all of their hole in one polices, so no woman is left out of the prizes! For any lady playing in a tournament where US Hole In One is offering a grand prize, they can shoot up to 15 yards less than the men. US Hole In One also offers a special minimum distance for all ladies events for the grand prize and all bonus prizes. If you are planning a golf tournament for the spring or summer then give us a call and speak with one of our representatives about the great promotions we are offering.

April 09, 2010

Training Aids Help You Hit a Hole In One!

If you ever get the chance to actually go to a PGA Tour event you will see the players working diligently on their games on the driving range. You might see some funny looking training aids too but don’t be intimidated. These same training aids can help you too. Here are two of our favorites at US Hole In One.

The first effective training that we at US Hole In One recommend is called the Perfect Grip and Mark O’Meara endorses it. As the name suggests, it teaches you how to grip the club correctly. You attach it to the grips of your clubs and make your regular swings. Your hands are your only connection to a golf club so you have to make sure that your grip is good. That makes it a lot easier for you to hit a good shot or even get a hole in one.

The next training aid is as simple as it gets: a string and two pencils. You’re probably wondering what this is helpful for. The answer: Putting. You start by sticking one pencil in the green directly behind the hole and the second one about 10 feet from the hole. The pencils should match the line that you want to putt the ball on. So if the putt is breaking from the right the first pencil at the back of the hole should be slightly to the right. Now, tie a string to the top ends of the pencils and put a ball directly under the line. Now you’re good to go. Putt you heart away. This is a phenomenal drill for improving your putting. It’s so good that just writing about it makes us at US Hole In One want to do it.

Trust US Hole In One to keep giving you more game-improvement tips. However our forte is hole in one insurance. So if our game improvement tips are this good, wait till you get a piece of our world class hole in one insurance. Golf outings are so much more fun when there is a grand prize for hole-in-one winners. Tell the tournament director at your club that US Hole In One is definitely the way to go. For information of the golf outing and insurance services that we provide, feel free to call us at 888 882 5440 or check out our website which is www.holeinoneinsurance.com. Enjoy!

April 02, 2010

Improve Your Par-3 Play to Score a Hole In One

US Hole In One is a premier hole-in-one insurance provider and is improving every year. The more clients we attract, the better and more inviting our hole in one insurance has to become. It’s a growing process that we enjoy. US Hole In One’s clients are primarily golfers so in this blog segment we would like to share some tips that will sharpen your par 3 game.

Here are some score-damaging scenarios to think about:
1. You’re hitting to an island green with water around
2. The pin is located behind a bunker
3. There is a sucker pin in the left or right corner of the green

So we at US Hole In One are wondering what your strategies for these scenarios are? Well water is a golfer’s nightmare. Some would find this rather funny because we need water to survive. So think of it as being there for decoration. Figure out what the wind is doing and adjust accordingly. For example if the wind is blowing from left to right, expect to see your ball move in that direction. Be brave, grip the club SOFTLY and try to make your best swing. Acceptance in golf, coupled with a positive attitude will take you a long way. Who knows; you might get a hole-in-one!

Next, if a pin is located behind a bunker NEVER miss it short unless you have a tour short game, but you will still be at the mercy of your lie. Hopefully the ball won’t plug! You can avoid all this chance by simply selecting enough club to safely get over the bunker, even if you mishit the ball slightly. This is a scenario where a 20ft putt is better than a plugged lie in the bunker.

Lastly, sucker pins have bogey or worse written all over them. HIT TO THE FAT PART OF THE GREEN. Once again, a 20 ft putt is better than a flop shot!

We hope these US HOLE In One certified tips help your game and we would be delighted if you took a look at our hole in one insurance. Nothing completes a golf outing more than hole in one prizes. These prizes give golfers an incentive to play in your event so don’t miss out.