March 26, 2010

US Hole In One’s Top Reason’s To Play Golf

Golf is a great game to play. It is not played as much as other mainstream sports but it is still worth it. To some it might not be a sport, but true golfers know that it is way more than that. Here’s why we at US Hole In One think golf is a good game to play:

1. Whether you’re a weekend hacker or seasoned pro, you can enjoy the game. Also, you can play it for your whole life. You won’t see seventy year old people playing soccer on a regular basis, unless they’ve found some fountain of youth.

2. What game do you know of whose rules stipulate that if commit a foul you should call it on yourself? If you take this trait with you off the course, you will be a better person. Integrity is a quality that true golfers have. Interestingly this character trait is not present in abundance these days.

3. Golf is one sport that allows you to appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature. Playing a spectacular course like Pebble beach is an unforgettable experience. We at US Hole In One guarantee that there are millions of golf courses all over the world that will take your breath away.

4. Getting a hole in one that is insured by US Hole In One is a great feeling. It means that you could win a grand prize that ranges from a cash prize all the way to a brand new car, depending on what the tournament director wants to be the grand prize.

Golf truly is a great game and anyone that gets to play it is privileged. The downside is that it is an expensive game as it costs millions of dollars to maintain golf courses.

March 19, 2010

What’s in Store This Year On The PGA Tour

We’re almost all the way through March and the PGA Tour is in full swing. US Hole In One is happy that there have been some holes in one by the pros already. The most notable hole in one so far was by Robert Allenby. Camillo Villegas put on a show at the Honda Classic and Dustin Johnson played well during the West Swing. Phil Mickelson didn’t quite get off to the start that he wanted. His season has started slowly and his driver might be to blame. Announcers at the CA Championship at Doral’s Blue Monster kept mentioning how wild Phil was off the tee.

More importantly, the Masters is coming up and there are a lot of rumors flying around that Tiger could be making his return there. This poses numerous hypothetical questions like, “what will golf be like when he returns.” Will people heckle him? Probably! Will he be as good? This is Tiger Woods who we are talking about. He’s changed his swing a couple of times and has managed to be successful. Changing your swing can either work for better or worse. Hopefully, he can put this debacle behind him.

Living in the spotlight looks fun but the press can destroy you. TMZ did a number on him, and routinely scrutinizes troubled celebrities. Anyways, back to the golf aspect of things. We at US Hole In One are excited to watch the majors and see who comes out on top. Who shall earn a place in history? Who will don the coveted green jacket and who will put their hands on the Claret Jug? Only time will tell. It would be nice if Ernie Els could keep his newfound momentum and use it to catapult himself toward another major title. It should be yet again another unforgettable year of golf, both on and off the golf course.

March 12, 2010

Who Will Support Tiger?

It’s far too early to get a feel for the public opinion on Tiger’s apology video however the praises from his sponsors and fellow players are extremely supportive. Tiger’s two main sponsors Nike and EA Sports decided to stick by Woods’ side after the cheating scandal came into the view of the public while other such as Accenture and Gillette dropped Tiger because of concern that he would not portray the companies in the correct light. Now a couple months after the scandal, Tiger has been in and out of therapy and addressed the public for the first time since November.

After the apology Nike and EA sports showed their full and continued support of Woods. Nike Company was quoted this statement after the speech "Tiger has apologized and made his position clear. Nike fully supports him and his family. We look forward to him returning to golf." EA Sports president Peter Moore also released a similar statement. There has been no word from Accenture however many think that it was controversial of Woods to pick this weeks to make his public apology as it is Accenture’s Match Play Championship where many of Tiger’s fellow professionals are competing.

Many interviews and reports show that the professionals out there are supportive of Woods. Both Luke Donald and Stewart Clink both described the apology as “heartfelt” and genuinely believe that Tiger just made a mistake and that he will be back. Most of the players agree that when Tiger makes his move back into play he will be well received and accepted. Woods’ comeback is by far more concerning to the golfers than issues in his personal life. There is no set date or tournament that Tiger will be making an appearance in yet however his return is highly anticipated. We at US Hole In One hope that he makes his return by the AT&T National PGA event on July 1, 2010 which is hosted right down the road at Aronimink Golf Course.