February 26, 2010

Is A Hole In One Shootout In Your Future?

Why would you want to offer a million dollar shootout? The economy is struggling, some of today’s best golf courses are feeling the pinch as membership dues do not come in, and golfers are hitting the greens less frequently. This may be the right time to host a million dollar shootout. Perhaps your employees are working hard and you want to reward them with a day on the golf course. It could be that you need to raise money for a charity and a million dollar golf shootout sounds like the right way to go.

These are just some of the reasons why you may want to host this very special event. The fact is, the only thing that feels better than actually hitting that hole in one is being able to win $1,000,000 while doing so. This is possible. Your organization can host a million dollar shootout and hand over those funds to someone who is able to be accurate enough to win.

In order to host this event, you will want to contact US Hole in One about their insurance products designed just for this event. That way, if someone does hit the shot, your organization does not have to foot the bill for doing so. Once you have insurance, host a qualifying contest, such as the person who hits closest to the pin or even a simple raffle. The person who wins the qualifying round is given the opportunity to try the million-dollar shootout challenge.

For all of these reasons, all $1 million of them, this type of shootout is just the right fit for virtually any event you may be hosting.

February 19, 2010

Hole In One at 90 Years Old!

Practice makes perfect in any sport, especially golf! Golf, unlike other contact sports, is one that you can participate in well into your old age. Many seniors take up golfing as a hobby after they retire and it a great way to stay active! The senior golfers may not have the technical parts of their swing down as well as the younger players but that doesn’t mean that they don’t make par! One 90 year old golfer, Angelo Fichera, may not have the swing he used to have when he was young but that doesn’t mean he can’t hit the ball far and straight! This past week Fichera hit his sixth career hole in one at Vista Plantation Golf Club in Vero Beach Florida.

Fichera said he had a lot of luck on his side but regardless he hit his 7 wood straight to the green on the number 13 111 yard par 3. He says he didn’t see the ball fall into the hole however being familiar with the downward sloping green he knew that the ball had to either go in the hole or roll off the back of the green. He admits that some of the younger golfers would have used a 9 or an 8 iron on that hole and reached the green but as long as he can hit the ball with accuracy he will score just fine!

Fichera has had a history on hole in ones, scoring two in just the last 3 years; his sixth at the age of 90 and his fifth just three years earlier at 87. US Hole In One congratulates Angelo on his sixth ace accomplishment and reminds you to remember to insure a hole in one policy for your next golf tournament!

February 12, 2010

Why Golf is a Great Game and Why You Have To Get Hole In One Insurance

Golf is known as a gentleman’s game but don’t be fooled by what you always see on television. Big crowds, loud roars and statistics only complement the true essence of the game.

Some people think that golfing is all about getting a hole in one or about old guys drinking beers and driving golf carts. US Hole In One is here to inform you that none of that nonsense is true. Golf in its purest form is about challenging yourself to become a better player and person. Golfers are meant to show etiquette towards others on and off the golf course. For example if you are holding up the group behind you, YOU MUST let them go through provided that the group in front isn’t holding you up either.

One of the key parts of golf that we at US Hole In One like so much is the self-policing attitude that a true golfer is meant to have. This means that if you do something wrong you are supposed to call it on yourself and not wait for others to call it on you. Easier said than done, but we all should try to do that in real life too. Doing so enhances the content of your character and makes you a better person to be around.

Now into the hole-in-one insurance! US Hole In One hole in one insurance to be exact. Its affordable, flexible and will never let you down. Most of all it’s not too good to be true. So, whatever you feel like giving away be it a brand new BMW or a golf club or a plaque, just know that US Hole In One’s hole in one insurance covers it. To find out more call us at 888 882 5440 or take a look at our website which is www.holeinoneinsurance.com.

February 05, 2010

Ways to Spice Up Your Next Fundraising Golf Tournament

Looking to raise even more money at your next golf tournament? A great way to do this is to offer a Putting Contest. Many people are now giving raffle tickets to their golfers as a “thank you” for making a donation to their charity. At the end of the event you pull one raffle ticket and let that golfer take the putt. There’s nothing better than giving money to help out a great cause and then getting a chance to sink a putt for $25,000.

The putting contests we have many different options. Our most popular is the 50 foot putt for one lucky golfer. However, you can purchase coverage for 40 or 50 foot putts and offer any type of prize that you wish. If US Hole In One is covering your Hole In One contest you can even add-on a 60 foot putt to your package at a discounted rate. Most putting contests take place on the Practice Green which allows for everyone at the tournament to watch that lucky golfer take their chance at winning big!

Another option for the putting contest would be to pick a few raffle tickets and give those golfers a chance at a putt-off to get down to one person that will take the big money putt. If you wish to run your contest this way there are two criteria that must be followed. The qualifying putts cannot be more than half of the distance of the final putt and must take place on a different hole than the final putt. So if you purchase coverage for a 50 foot putt make sure your qualifiers are 25 feet or less.

There are lots of options when is comes to raising money at your next golf tournament and US Hole In One would be happy to put a package together that best fits you.