January 22, 2010

Obama Switches From The Court to The Course

The White House has seen its fair share of athletes grace the oval office. Both Gerald Ford and Dwight Eisenhower both played college football and George H. Bush led the Yale Baseball team to the World Series of college baseball. In addition to the Presidents of the past the current Commander in Chief, President Barack Obama, is quite the basketball star. However things didn’t come as naturally with a golf club when he hit the golf course.

Golf.com reports that although the President is still a beginner and is not quite making par yet, he still shows potential to become a good golfer. Maybe someday he will even get a hole in one. One thing that Obama doesn’t lack is practice. In his first year alone since taking office, he has played over 25 rounds. That is slightly more than President Bush played in his 8 years in office! All of his playing is bound to pay off one day however it will be hard to get his golf game on the same level has his basketball skills.

The 20 something handicap has played at the Vineyard Golf Club in Martha’s Vineyard and most recently in Mid-Pacific Country Club in Honolulu over his Christmas vacation with the family. Even though the pro’s have helped him out with some lessons, others are not so convinced that Obama has what it takes. One anonymous golfer blogged to golf.com, who was on the course at Martha’s Vineyard when Obama was out, “watching them play one hole in the time it took our foursome to play 3 was painful.” That may be a little harsh however maybe Obama should stick to basketball and leave the title of best golfer in the White House to JFK.

January 15, 2010

How To Hit The Hole In One Shot?

Although many hole in one stories are unbelievable and happen at chance, there is a simple way to increase your odds of getting that ace. What is that one key to decreasing your score and increasing your chances? Hitting the ball straight! Its actually very simple down on paper however if you talk to any one whose stepped foot on a golf course they will tell you, it’s a lot harder than it looks! Golf Magazine has put together five important steps that will alter your stance and in fact help you hit the ball straight.

The first move has to do with how you set up the ball. Most golfers will throw the ball on the tee and not even think twice about it however the height of the tee does make a difference on how you hit the ball. If you tee the ball lower so that the ball is level or below the top of the driver, there is less room for error or unpredictability when the drive makes contact. Secondly, any professional will tell you that your swing starts in the way you grip the club. Jeff Newton from Golf Magazine suggests choking down on the club one or two inches. This will give you more control on the club especially through the downswing.

The third move involves your upper body. It’s important to keep you shoulders and chest in line through the swing, Newton suggests that if you squeeze your arms to your chest when addressing the ball you will be more inclined to keep the line steady throughout the swing. The fourth step may reduce your distance slightly however it will allow the ball to fly straighter. Instead of taking a full “grip it and rip it” attitude restrict your back swing to a ¾ swing rather than a full, this will eliminate the chance for the club head to turn in the back swing. The last move again concentrates on your grip. As the club is approaching the ball on the downswing keep a strong grip on the left hand (for the right-handed golfers) as you make impact. This will have a chain reaction to your shoulders to ensure that everything is kept in line. These couple adjustments may seem minor however if practiced enough can straighten out your swing and get you closer to the green and maybe even a hole in one!

January 08, 2010

US Hole In One News

December is typically a cold month, and the recent snowfall has rivaled that of past years. Most people have dreaded going outside whilst others are more than comfortable with playing in the snow. Altogether, the weather has been cold but that has not stopped people from getting holes in one!

US Hole In One recently learned that an eleven year old by the name of John Michael Sullivan got his first ace on Dec. 6 at West Hill Country Club in Camillus, New York. He started golf at the age of 5 and has already made at least 50 birdies. What’s even more impressive is that he made his hole in one in the snow. There is even a picture of him standing by the hole in the snow. It seems like a lot of 11 year olds got holes in one in 2009.

The next ace is also by a youngster and it takes us to England. Young George Dedwell, according to the Dereham Times made his ace on the 23rd December, 2009 at Dereham Golf Club. US Hole In One would like to congratulate him!

So, once again the weather did not stop these two young golfers from getting holes in ones. But there’s one more thing that the winter weather can’t stop….and that’s US Hole In One’s never-ending commitment to providing quality hole in one insurance. We are open year round and have no problem helping you to choose the best hole in one insurance package for your present and future golf outings. Besides hole-in-insurance coverage, US Hole In One provides golf outings services like custom sponsor signs which will definitely stand out on every tee box or wherever you choose to have them set up. Call 888-882-5440 or visit our website www.holeinoneinsurance.com to find out exactly how US Hole In One can change the way you have golf outings forever! Take care and we hope you have a Happy New Year!