December 28, 2009

Great Holiday Gifts for Golfin’ Gals!

Although it made be below freezing outside and the possibility of getting in a good golf game seems to be in the very distant future that doesn’t mean you can’t gear up your golfer for next season.

Here are some helpful hints on what to get that lady golfer in your life. Golf balls make great stocking stuffers and don’t just buy boring white, why not get hot pink! There are quite a few companies out there these days that will donate part of the profit to Breast Cancer research. What could be better than donating to a great cause all while giving that special someone a gift at the same time?

Titleist is also offering a great new option for this holiday season. Not only can you choose the quality of the golf balls but you even customize a dozen balls with photos and/or text!

If you are still trying to keep the cost down you can also get a subscription to a golf magazine. There are more and more golf magazines out there that are geared toward female golfers.

If you have a little extra cash in your pocket this season you can always get your lady a new golf outfit or lessons at a local course. Now you’re probably thinking, “I have no idea what size to get.” or “I know she hates the clothes I pick out.” Keep in mind you can always get a gift certificate. Although, girt certificates may seem a little less heartfelt your lucky gal would prefer that rather than something she’d have to pretend to like and never wear. After all, it’s the thought that counts. If you’d prefer to go the golf lesson route, keep in mind that many courses will sell lessons at a discounted rate around the Holidays.

Now if you really have some extra cash this year, you can always take your lady golfer on a vacation. Many courses across the country have great packages at affordable rates during the Holiday season. If this is an option for you, pack your bags and escape the frigid winter months! Pebble Beach is one the most renowned courses out there and it doesn’t hurt that it’s in sunny California.

Happy Holidays!

December 18, 2009

Accenture is finished with Tiger… Will more follow?

After 6 years, major consulting company Accenture Ltd has officially ended their sponsor relationship with Tiger Woods. Accenture is the first major sponsor to completely sever any ties they have made with the golfer. With the recent activities surrounding Woods, Accenture stated that the golfer “is no longer the right representative” for the company. Accenture plans to take immediate action and wants to re-image their campaign completely. The process will be tough, however actions are already being made to their outdoor advertising in replacing billboards and other advertisements that carry the Tiger name and slogan at local airports. Accenture’s campaign highlighted the slogan “Go on, be a Tiger” and centered their advertising solely on his ability to play golf. If he is out of the golf world indefinitely then obviously Accenture’s campaign holds no credit. Dropping Tiger is only the first of big decisions that Accenture will now have to make. They will have to develop a new message and a whole new concept, potentially leaving the golf market.

Now that Accenture has cut its ties with Woods, other sponsors are also coming out with their decisions on whether to back Tiger. Gillette, who uses Tiger in many commercials alongside other high power “celebrity athletes”, has decided to pull Tiger from certain ads while not cutting him out completely. Other major sponsors such as Nike, Gatorade, and EA Sports are still reporting to support Tiger and stick with him however now that a major sponsor such as Accenture has called it quits, will the others reconsider?

We at US Hole In One Insurance hope that Tiger works out his issues and returns to golf as quickly as possible. Having Tiger back in the action and maybe getting a hole in one at his first event would be truly great. The PGA Tour and the sport of golf have benefited greatly from having Tiger Woods over the past 10 year. We hope that the next decade is just as prosperous.

December 04, 2009

So What Does It Take To Ace A Par 3

So here’s a question for you all: “What does it take to get a hole-in-one?” Is it brute strength? US Hole in One’s answer to that is a BIG NO! So what is it then? Is it precision? Maybe, but offline tee shots that ricochet off a tree and into the hole are not really US Hole In One’s idea of precision.

We believe that luck is the main factor otherwise people would make holes-in-one regularly. Once that happens they wouldn’t be special anymore. Hole-in-ones are far from an everyday thing. The odds of making one are high and euphoria happens when someone makes one. With good technique you could increase your chances of making a hole-in-one. So make sure that you see your local PGA Professional for some game-improving tips.

If you don’t have time to do that, don’t worry. US Hole In One has some tips for you. The first is to make sure that you set-up to the ball properly. 90% of most golfers’ problems start at set-up. You can’t hit your target with a bow and arrow if you don’t aim right. Next up is your grip; make sure that it isn’t too strong or weak. There are numerous articles online that will show you the ideal grip. After all your hands are technically your only links to the golf club. Now you’re ready to swing. Identify your shot pattern and what your ball does in the air. This is your ball flight. You can then use that flight to attack the pin with something reliable. For example, if your ball moves from right to left aim little right of the flag and let the ball fly. That way you can become more consistent with your game. Before you know it, you’ll be as consistent as our hole in one insurance coverage.