November 20, 2009

English Golfer Makes Two Holes-In-One in Three Months

To all our blog readers we ask, “Have you got a hole in one yet?!” Well an Englishman has made two in the last three months. A British newspaper by the name of The Southport Visiter reported that Adrian Butler of Birkdale has more reason for celebration than most this season. He has had not just his first hole-in-one but two – and within three months. The article then points out that Butler, who admits he is not an excitable kind of person, says modestly: “I think to get two inside three months is probably very rare”.

“One person has suggested I do try some golf magazine to see if I can get some information about it. But then that is not really my kind of scene,” he says. Next we learn from the article that he is from Litherland, aged 51, and keen on health and fitness. He used to play football in leagues in Liverpool and Southport and goes to the gym, cycles and this year he joined Southport Fell Walking Club.

The article goes on to say that Butler started golf 30 years ago. “It’s a sport you love or loath,” he says in the article. The Southport Visiter believes that he obviously developed a love of the game, beginning from the time he hit his first golf balls, like so many beginners, at the municipals. Now he plays off an 18 handicap.

The Southport Visiter states that his first hole-in-one came in May, at the 12th in a singles matchplay knockout competition. Butler recalls: “It was a very windy evening and the hole was about 190 yards into the wind.
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November 13, 2009

Amazing Hole In One

We at US Hole In One are in total disbelief at how we haven’t shared this hole in one with you. As readers of this blog already know; we always do articles on amazing hole in ones, but this time we promise it’s different. Vijay Singh has made a lot of holes-in-one but this has to be his best. We truly have not seen anything like this before. We are very enthusiastic about all hole-in-ones and that is why we provide hole in one insurance.

Well, it’s about time to get to the point and you’ll understand why this hole-in-one was the hype. At this year’s Masters Vijay Singh, Sean O Hair and Ken Duke were playing the par 3 16th hole when they decided to walk to the water’s edge and try skip the ball over successfully. Sean O Hair was the first to try and he hit a low bullet that skipped across the water and made its way onto the green with no problem. That’s a tough act to follow right? Think twice my friends!

Vijay calmly stepped up and did the unthinkable. He too, hit a low bullet that skipped across the water. It made it to the front of the green ball and trickled up the right-hand side of the green. The ball kept going until it caught a slope that directed it to the hole. The rest is history. The ball rolled smoothly down the slope and disappeared. There’s a lot of ways to make holes-in-one. Some people hit high shots that land softly and go in, some slam-dunk it in, others hit ricochet it off something, but Vijay practically got the ball to walk on water. Now that’s impressive!

What’s even better is that you can watch this hole in one below:

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November 06, 2009

Another Youngster Aces a Par 3 Hole

Kids these days! In one of our earlier blogs, 11 year old Ben McCormick from Colchester, VT got a hole in one. We thought it would end there but we were so wrong.

This story takes us to Portage la Prairie in Manitoba, Canada where another 11 year old holed out on a par 3. tells us that Dylan Johnson did it in just his second year of playing the game on Wednesday. The same website then says that Johnson, 11, aced the par-3 12th hole at the Portage Golf Club while playing with his grandfather, Jim, putting a perfect shot in the hole with his King Cobra hybrid club. Young Dylan was quoted as saying:

"I hit the ball, and I told my Grandpa that it looked like it was so good that it might go in the hole," Dylan said Wednesday, who fired an 88 with the magical number 1 on his card. "So, I walked away, and he said 'It's in the hole'."

According to the report Jim said that Dylan at first didn't seem to believe that it had gone in. "He didn't even wait for it to land," Jim said. "He turned around and walked towards the cart, and I was standing watching it. It landed right in front of the pin, took one bounce, hit the pin and dropped in.

Dylan ,as we already mentioned, has been playing for two years and but who knows how many more hole in ones he’ll get in the future? All we know is that this is a worthy achievement. The article on cements this point when it reminds us that, “some golfers can go a lifetime without ever recording the elusive hole-in-one.”

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