June 26, 2009

United States Golf Register – The Official Hole In One Golf Register

A lot of people have gotten holes in one, but who records them all? Well, the United States Golf Register is responsible for this. Their website, www.usgolfregister.org, dubs them as being “nation's official historical registry of holes in one.” Furthermore, their mission is to document and archive holes in one, and to distinguish those who have achieved this extraordinary accomplishment. The US Golf Register, in its own words, is devoted to preserving history with each hole in one, and in recording the significance of the achievement as a historical record. What’s even better is that they do not charge any registration fees or dues.

This organization was founded in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1998. The United States Golf Register firmly believes that every hole in one should be registered because “a witnessed hole in one is a history making event!” Once you register “your hole in one is assigned an official registration number and is then recorded in the US Golf Register historic registry. US Golf Register forwards its archives to The USGA library annually.” Also, “past holes in one made within the United States and its territories are eligible for registration no matter the date.”

They also offer some interesting quick facts on holes in one. A gentleman by the name of Norman Manley has the most documented holes in one. According to the website he has made 59 aces, his first ace was in 1964, and in 1979 he made four holes in one. The longest hole in one was made on the 517 yard par 5 9th hole at the Green Valley Ranch Golf Club by Michael J. Crean of Denver, Colorado. The altitude had to of made that possible! Finally the oldest documented person to make a hole in one was Harold Stilson who was 101 years old at the time. He hit a 4 iron on the 108 yard 16th at Deerfield CC on May 16th 2001. A lot of golfers hit a short iron, let alone a 4 iron from this distance and still can’t hole it like Mr. Stilson did. However, what most golfers can do is tell their tournament director to use US Hole In One as we offer top quality tournament services. Visit our website www.holeinoneinsurance.com for more details.

June 18, 2009

The Par 3’s at this year’s US OPEN!

This year’s US Open is going to be an exciting event. Will there be any holes in one? That is the question that we are asking ourselves at US Hole In One. This week’s article will focus on the daunting par 3 holes at Bethpage Black. Thanks to the USGA’s website we were able to come up with some information on these truly challenging holes.

The 3rd hole is the first of four par 3s. It is also the longest par 3. According to the USGA this hole is 232 yards and the tee shot is played to a “diagonally-set green (front right to back left) which makes it fairly shallow in depth.” What’s even worse is that “the putting green falls off in all directions.” This means that the players will have to hit a high shot that will stop quickly otherwise they will find themselves in the unfavorable greenside rough.

Next is the 8th hole which is 230 yards. The USGA have already signaled that this will “likely end up being the most exciting of the par 3s.” An unwelcome pond guards the front of the green. The USGA goes on to say that “two new hole locations now exist in the front that will require players to carefully consider just how aggressive they want to be with their tee shots.” However if a player decides to play conservatively and hit his ball a little long, he will need “deft putting touch coming back down the hill to the front portion of green.” On top of that the USGA “plans to mix up the yardage on this hole from 135 to 230 yards, which means pitching wedges to long irons will be played depending upon the hole location and teeing ground chosen.”

The 14th hole is 158yards and the USGA firmly believe that it should be the “easiest of the four par 3s.” Minor changes have been made to the green in order to make the hole a little bit more challenging. Nevertheless, it is still a birdie hole.

The 207 yard 17th hole is uphill and the green has an “hourglass shape.” The USGA has set this hole up so that “it will require high, soft tee shots if conditions are dry.” This will be a good finishing hole that will test the eventual winner’s nerves. For even more information on the entire course make sure you visit www.usopen.com and click on the top link that says course.

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June 12, 2009

2009 US OPEN - Bethpage Black

This year’s national championship will be played at the renowned Bethpage Black golf course in Farmingdale, New York. A.W. Tillinghast designed the layout and according to New York State Park’s website, it is “said by many to be his finest work.” Just before you reach the first tee, there is a sign that warns all golfers that the course is for “skilled players only!” That’s how hard the course plays, and we at US Hole In One encourage you to watch the players try to take on that monster of a course.

The course is just under 7400 yards. The rough is graduated which means that it gets longer as you get further from the fairway. The fairways are narrow and numerous doglegs will make it hard for the players to find the fairways. On top of that the USGA will do their best to make sure that the greens will be nothing short of treacherous.

Tiger Woods is the favorite going into this tournament after his stellar performance at the Memorial. But golf is the most fickle of games and this is always exhibited at the US Open. The US Open is arguably the toughest tournament to win. Great players regularly fall victim to its demanding setup. There is absolutely no room for error. Any errant shot will be severely punished.

Phil Mickleson, who has been away because of his wife’s battle against breast cancer, will be there along with many others. However this tournament has a special addition this year: the vibrant New York crowd! They are known to be rowdy and they showed Sergio no mercy when he used to take a long time to hit his shot, courtesy of his infamous waggle. People in the crowd would vehemently tell him to “hit the ball already.”

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