May 29, 2009

Meditation for Better Golf!

Professional athletes are constantly trying to find ways to focus on their game and perform at their peak every moment of competition. Whether it’s a basketball player practicing foul shots all day, an offensive lineman lifting weights, or a golfer at the driving range. But outside issues can often cause athletes to lose focus, and golf is notorious for being a sport that if your head is not in the game, it will show through in your performance worse than any other. A golfer who is constantly worried about issues in his personal life will never be able to relax and completely focus on his game.

So how can the average golfer concentrate on their game and relax? No expensive training or energy drinks are required. All you need is a little quiet time to yourself, which is pretty easy to get if you are out on the golf course. Eastern practices of meditation often referred to as “Zen Meditations,” have been scientifically proven to assist in the development of skills that are key to playing better golf, primarily attention control and relaxed concentration. Tai Chi is also a good way to loosen up before a round of golf, helping a golfer to expel negative energy and thoughts and begin to prepare their mind for the task at hand. These methods are very easy to practice, as they focus on clearing your mind and breathing deeply. So the next time you put a drive into the water hazard, or take an accidental practice swing by missing your ball entirely, remember to take a step back, breath deeply, and most importantly, remember that its just a game. Who knows, the above techniques might just help you achieve that ultimate shot: the hole in one!

May 22, 2009

Golf Tournament to Benefit Fallen Firefighters

A man in Hudson, Wisconsin named Scott Nelson, a captain for the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport Fire Department is looking to the community to benefit fallen firefighters. In 2008, there were 114 firefighters that died in the line of duty and Nelson is looking to organize a golf tournament for the benefit of fallen firefighters. Hudson was appointed to this responsibility while attending an Annapolis training session. All proceeds from this unique outing will be used to fund the Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

The Fallen Firefighters Foundation was created by Congress, but has been left up to its own devices in regard to fundraising. The purpose of the foundation is to benefit the families of fallen firefighters, but the funds just aren’t there. Through this golf tournament, individuals will be able to tee off for $125. This covers a round of golf, the golf cart, refreshments, awards, and lunch and dinner. There are also a number of other packages that are offered for this amazing golf fundraiser. A sponsorship package is $250. There are packages that are priced up to $2,500.

The leftover funds after paying for hole in one insurance, awards, food, and other expenses will be sent to the Fallen Firefighters Foundation so that families of fallen firefighters can start receiving the benefits that they deserve. Their loved ones gave their lives for the lives of others, so it is time that others give back to the families who have suffered these losses. This golf fundraiser is one step closer to doing that.

This particular event will be held on June 12 at the Kilkarney Hills Golf Club.

May 15, 2009

Can Anyone Hit a Hole In One?

Ever wonder who is hitting all these holes in one you hear about? Every story about a hole in one when told from the first person viewpoint will sound like a miraculous shot, and they are all special because they are all different. Any golfer can hit a hole in one at any time, but to give you an idea of who your “average” hole in one golfer is, here are some statistics regarding players who have hit a hole in one.

The average handicap of a golfer who hits a hole in one is a 13, but since many professionals have gotten a hole in one, that means many golfers with high handicaps in the 20’s and 30’s also have. 84% of golfers who hit a hole in one are male, which is a stat that is slowly changing as more and more women become involved in the sport. If you are concerned about the ball you are playing with, know that Titleist balls are the most common balls put in for an ace, with 3,433 holes in one recorded. That’s four times more often than the next closest competitors, Nike, Callaway, and Top Flight, each of which have about 800 registered holes in one. And although the average golfer who makes a hole in one is about 44 years old, Tiger Woods hit his first when he was only six years old, so no matter what your age, skill level, or length of time playing may be, know that you too have a chance at the best score possible on a golf hole.

May 08, 2009

Relay for Life Hosts Golf Tournament

Great things happen through Relay for Life…we all know that. But even Relay for Life needs a little bit of help from other areas. The American Cancer Society has taken great strides because of the annual relay that takes place all around the country.

This time, Relay for Life is sponsoring a golf event, which will appeal to a different group of individuals. For those who prefer golf ahead of walking, this is going to be a great event. This particular golf event will take place on May 14th at The Links at Hiawatha Landing in Apalachin.

As for what kind of money can be expected to be spent in order to become a part of this golf fundraiser, a foursome can register for $340 and an individual for $85. This includes everything from lunch and dinner to your golf cart. For those unable to attend, it is possible to opt for a sponsorship package to sponsor other golfers and to advertise during the event.

Once the shotgun sounds, it will be time for everyone to start playing. As far as what sort of on course contests will be conducted that is still to be determined. We have to assume that they will have hole in one prizes on each par 3 hole and perhaps even a putting contest for one contestant at the end of the day. Even if someone doesn’t win a grand prize during the golf tournament, the golf event is for a good cause and a lot of people are going to have a lot of fun. And there are many who will benefit from the proceeds.

May 01, 2009

One (or two) for the record books!

Who ever thought someone could finish tied for 30th place and still manage to secure themselves a place in the Master’s Record Book and also earn themselves four pairs of crystal goblets, care of Augusta National Golf Club. And nonetheless, do all this during their first Master’s appearance. That is exactly what Dustin Johnson did during the 73rd Masters held in Augusta, Georgia at the beautiful Augusta National Golf Course. This was Johnson’s first Master’s and will be a very memorable one for sure.

On the 13th and 14th hole on the Augusta National, Johnson shot back to back eagles. Johnson is only the second person to ever hit back to back eagles at Augusta. The first player to do so was Dan Pohl, in 1982, who hit back to back eagles on the same two holes that Johnson made his on. For every eagle, Johnson received a pair of crystal goblets. He had four eagles in all over the course of the tournament.

When Johnson approached hole 13, he was six over for the day and he made a 20 foot putt for his first eagle. At hole 14, Johnson pulled his tee shot and landed in the pine straw under the trees, yet he still managed to pull it out for an eagle. He did not know how good of a shot he hit until he heard the roar of the crowd up ahead, and not your typical close to the pin cheering but instead a sinking an incredible approach shot celebration.

Johnson kept the momentum going and managed a birdie on hole 15. He ended the tournament 1-under par, causing him to tie for 30th place. Now eagles are nice when they come on a par 4 or 5 but not as nice as when it happens on a Par 3. The feeling of hitting a hole in one whether hole in one insurance was purchased or not is simply thrilling.